Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview of Viqar Ahmad Zuberi, May 19, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Early life and education

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Partial Transcript: Okay, I got it.

Segment Synopsis: Zuberi mentions the subjects he taught. The interviewee's early life in India is then discussed. Additionally, Zuberi's educational path is outlined, from intermediate school to university.

Keywords: Arabic; Intermediate schools; Lucknow (India); Moradabad (India); Pakistan; University of Karachi; Urdu

Subjects: Education; English; Environmental Biology; Hindi; Professor; Zoology

GPS: Lucknow (India)
Map Coordinates: 26.8, 80.9
00:05:13 - All-India Muslim League / history of India

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Partial Transcript: Well tell me about, about your experiences in Moradabad.

Segment Synopsis: Zuberi talks of his father's participation in the All-India Muslim League. Secondly, the history of India in a social and political context is discussed. Tensions between the diverse peoples of the Indian Empire prior to the partition are examined as well. The education system during this time is also touched on.

Keywords: All-India Muslim League; Bacha Muslim League; British Empire; Congress; Department of Education; Family; India; Lucknow (India); Pakistan; Politics; Urdu language

Subjects: Education; Father; History; Imperialism; Muslims; Partition; Political Party Organization

GPS: Lucknow (India)
Map Coordinates: 26.8, 80.9
00:14:04 - Partition of Pakistan / partition of India

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Partial Transcript: What happened in 1971?

Segment Synopsis: Zuberi examines the reasons for the partition of India and Bangladesh. Zuberi concludes that it was inevitable for a variety of reasons, including Bangladesh's proximity to India. Hostilities between Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are compared to the similar situation between Hindus and Muslims in India. Subsequently, the interviewee talks of the partition of India and the underlying segregation between Hindus and Muslims prior to this event.

Keywords: Bangladesh; East Pakistan; Factories; India; Iraq; Moradabad (India); New Delhi (India); Pakistan; Railways; Treatment

Subjects: Civil War; Copper; Culture; Father; Geography; Hindus; Muslims; Partition; Prime Minister; Segregation

GPS: New Delhi (India)
Map Coordinates: 28.613889, 77.208889
00:25:08 - Relations with Hindus / religion / father

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Partial Transcript: When you were say in Iraq, did you feel closer to--that you had more in common with another Muslim, even if he was an Arab, than you did with, an Indian but who was a Hindu?

Segment Synopsis: Zuberi assesses his relationships with Hindu Indians, which are found to be good (mostly his interactions are with intellectuals). Then, Zuberi talks of his religious upbringing. The occupations and interests of Zuberi's father are then discussed.

Keywords: All-India Muslim League; Government; Home; Immigration; Pakistan; Railways

Subjects: Education; Father; Hindus; Muslims; Occupations; Religion

00:27:32 - Parents and Pakistan

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Partial Transcript: Did your parents experience any sense of loss, when they left India?

Segment Synopsis: Zuberi briefly considers the reactions of his parents upon moving to Pakistan in the 1960s. His mother's reaction, in particular, is examined.

Keywords: Happy; Immigration; India; Landlord; Pakistan; Siblings

Subjects: Father; Food; Mother; Parents