Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Adam Bixby, May 24, 2013

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Brittany Le Strange, and today's date is May 24th, 2013. It's about 10: 00 a.m., and I am interviewing Adam Bixby.

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Adam Bixby.

00:00:11 - Brief biography

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Bixby, how old are you?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes his house and who makes up his family. He also talks about how he got his job in computer security.

Keywords: Bayshore; Beach; Bedrooms; City; Cost; Dining room; Family; House; Houses; Jersey Shore; Kids; Kitchen; Lived; Living room; Moved; Neighborhood; New Jersey; New York; New York City; Normal; Rooms; Sandy Hook; Shore; Staten Island; Street; Trash; Work; Working

00:04:30 - More about the community

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Partial Transcript: All right, tell me about your neighborhood and the community. How are you involved?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes the good things he hears about the school and the neighborhood as a whole. He also talks about the reputation and crime rate of the neighborhood.

Keywords: Area; Bayshore; Community; Crime; Fire department; Fundraisers; House; Hurricane Sandy; Involved; Keyport; Kids; Money; Moved; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Sandy; Sandy Hook; School; Schools; Street

00:07:29 - First word of the storm

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Partial Transcript: When did you first hear the storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes how he found out about Hurricane Sandy heading towards his home. He also goes in-depth about how he and his family prepared before the storm.

Keywords: Adequate warning; Area; Availability; Batteries; Brother; Car; Cars; Clean up; Destroyed; Doors; Evacuation; Flood insurance; Floors; Gas; Generator; Governor; Hit; Home; House; Hurricane; Hurricane Irene; Hurricane Sandy; Hurricanes; Irene; Lost; Money; Neighbors; News; News forecast; Photos; Power; Precautions; Prepare; Prepared; Property; Rain; Rescue; Response; Rooms; Safe; Sandy; Shore; Stores; Storm; Street; Supplies; TV; Tornado; Town; Water; Weather; Wind; Work; World

00:14:51 - Day of the storm

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Partial Transcript: So you said you were there. Take me through your day. What were the first signs of the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby discusses evacuating to his brother's house with his family when Hurricane Sandy hit. He also describes his findings when he saw his house for the first time since the storm passed.

Keywords: Brother; Car; Damage; Destroyed; Destruction; Disaster; Doors; Floors; Food; Garbage; Gas; Generator; Hit; House; Houses; Hurricane Irene; Kids; Lights; Lost; Lucky; Morning; Neighbor; Neighborhood; News; Night; Police; Power; Rooms; Sleep; Storm; Street; Trees; Water; Weather; Working; World

GPS: Holmdel, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.344835, -74.184242
00:21:20 - Information / next day

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Partial Transcript: How did you get information that first day? Like, who were you talking to?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby shares his immediate family members that he contacted first. He also talks about the damages he suffered in his house.

Keywords: Beds; Brother; Contact; Damages; Destroyed; Dining room; Electricity; Flood; Floors; House; Immediate; Information; Insurance; Kids; Kitchen; Message; Morning; Neighborhood; News; Night; Outside; Phone; Pictures; Radio; Respond; Shocked; Sleep; Storm; Trees; Water; Wind

00:26:55 - Mood of the community

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Partial Transcript: What was--could you describe the scene of the day, with the mood, like the community and everyone?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes feeling a sense of needing to get things going instead of showing that he was upset upon seeing the damage inside his home.

Keywords: AT&T; Adjuster; Cell phones; Community; Contractors; Coverage; Food; Garbage; Heat:Building; Helping; Home; Information; Insurance companies; Lucky; Mood; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Phone; Pictures; Police; Power; Respond; Scene; Shock; Storm; Work

00:31:21 - Reopening of businesses and services getting back on track

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Partial Transcript: How did you go about getting your day-to-day necessities?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes how quickly businesses began to open up again and how fast the trash and mail services started up again. He also talks about how he finally got his house to dry up a bit after the storm.

Keywords: Area; Brother; Chris Christie; Cleanup; Contractors; Day-to-day; Debris; Electricity; Emergency; FEMA; Flooding; Floors; Garbage; Gas; Gas lines; Gas shortage; Generators; Governor Christie; Helped; Helping; Horrible; House; Kids; Lived; Mail service; Necessities; Neighborhood; News; Pictures; Power outage; Stores; Storm; Street; Trash; Wall; Water; Weeks; Windows

GPS: Bluebay Inn (Atlantic Highlands, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.414739, -74.037712
00:39:14 - Support from FEMA / coping

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Partial Transcript: Who would you look to for your support for help with the power companies, insurance companies, FEMA, and all that?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby shares about the assistance he received from FEMA which provided him with money for a hotel for a period of time. He also describes how he pushed on when it came to coping with the damages of Hurricane Sandy.

Keywords: Adjuster; Contact; Contractors; Cope; Curfews; Electricity; FEMA; Family; Gas; Help; House; Insurance; Insurance companies; Kids; Lived; Mess; Moved; National Guard; Neighbors; New Jersey; Power companies; Protocol; Sandy; State; Storm; Street; Support; Water; Work

00:43:38 - Response of the community / involvement

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Partial Transcript: Would you say the response of the community was positive or negative?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes the positive reaction the community had by coming together and helping one another recover. He also shares his involvement in helping others in his community after the storm.

Keywords: Adjuster; Area; Churches; Cleaning supplies; Community; Contractors; Contribute; Disaster; Donations; FEMA; Family; Floors; Food; Friends; Help; Helping; House; Insurance; Insurance companies; Involved; Kids; Kitchen; Lost; Money; Morning; Necessities; Negative; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Positive; Public adjuster; Response; School; Street; Volunteers; Working; World

00:48:28 - New Jersey preparedness

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Partial Transcript: Do you believe New Jersey prepared adequately?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby explains that he thinks New Jersey did prepare adequately and that Governor Christie did a great job in managing things and setting expectations.

Keywords: Accurate; Area; Build; Chris Christie; Control; Coverage; Devastation; Expect; Federal government; Floodgates; Freak occurrence; Global warming; Media; Money; Neighborhood; New Jersey; News; Oklahoma; Prepared adequately; Radio; Response; Sensational; Storm; TV; Wall; Weeks; World

00:51:56 - Opinions of Governor Christie and President Obama / environmental views

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Partial Transcript: What did you think about Obama and Christie's first responses?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby shares how he really appreciated the fact that Governor Christie did not let politics get in the way of helping out with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. He also talks about what changes he's faced in terms of environmental views and his plans to raise his house.

Keywords: Barack Obama; Beach; Changed; Chris Christie; Cost; Country; Damage; Dandy; Debris; Disaster; Donations; Environmental issues; Experience; Government; Governor Christie; Help; Helping; Home; House; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Sandy; Information; Insurance; Katrine; Kids; Mayor; Money; Neighborhood; Ocean; Politics; Precautions; President Obama; Republicans; Response; Roof; Sandy Hook; Storm; Support; Vote; Warning

00:57:10 - Normalcy / outlook of the world / impact on politics

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Partial Transcript: So would you think things have returned to normal? I know the house obviously isn't back to normal, but like in the community and everything? Or not yet?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby shares that even though he doesn't have all of his necessities in his home, he still feels better being back there. He also states that he doesn't let his outlook on the world get to him because people are suffering through much worse things than a hurricane.

Keywords: Barack Obama; Changed; Chris Christie; Community; Construction; Daily life; Destroyed; Election; Family; Home; Hotel; House; Hurricane Sandy; Kids; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Normal; Outlook; Political; Republicans; Sandy; Shock; State; Storm; Victim; Water; Weather; Work; World

01:01:50 - Message of the storm

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Partial Transcript: What do you plan to tell your children when they grow up, or your grandchildren?

Segment Synopsis: Bixby describes how constantly performing different tasks helped him to get through the tough time after Sandy hit. He also believes that this storm will make the community stronger.

Keywords: Boardwalks; Children; Church; Community; Contractors; Day to day; Disaster; Floors; Grandchildren; Grow; Helped; Hit; House; Legacy; Message; New Jersey; Positive; Religious; Shore; Storm; Support