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00:00:04 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Um, my name is Trudi-Ann Lawrence. Today is June 5th and we are at Dunkin' Donuts in Port Monmouth.

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Andrea Bulvid.

00:00:12 - Brief biography

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Partial Transcript: Can you state your name?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes why she chose the house she owns and says that she was originally from Florida but then moved to Secaucus and later to Port Monmouth.

Keywords: Beach; Bedrooms; Cost; Daughters; Ethnicity; Family; Florida; Home; House; Income; Lived; Manhattan; Moved; Neighborhood; New Jersey; Occupation; Port Monmouth; Rooms; School; Secaucus; Trees

GPS: Port Monmouth, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.430906, -74.100383
00:03:46 - Neighborhood / school systems

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Partial Transcript: Do you watch Jersey Shore?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes her Port Monmouth neighborhood and her appreciation for those residents in it. She also talks about the school system which she feels is pretty good and gives her opinion on the television show "Jersey Shore".

Keywords: Appreciate; Community; Crime; Drugs; Jersey Shore (TV); Jersey shore; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Residents; School; School system; Seaside Heights; Seaside boardwalk; Town

GPS: Boardwalk (Seaside Heights, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 39.942401, -74.070539
00:07:26 - First thoughts on the storm / preparation

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Um, we're going to start asking questions about the storm. When did you first hear a storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid talks about how her husband, who was a carpenter at the time, was able to pick up a generator for their household before the storm hit. Also, she describes the availability in grocery stores and that her husband was prepared with gas.

Keywords: Availability; Contractors; First thoughts; Floors; Gas; Generators; Groceries; House; Hurricane Irene; Long Island; Moved; Neighborhood; Preparation; Prepared; Renting; Stores; Storm; Supplies; Water; Work

GPS: Long Island, Ny.
Map Coordinates: 40.837565, -73.138590
00:10:19 - Warnings about the storm

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Partial Transcript: Do you feel like you were re--you received adequate warning about the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid talks about whether she felt people were adequately warned about the storm. She talks specifically about Governor Chris Christie's warnings. She says her neighborhood was evacuated, but she didn't think the storm would be as bad as it was. She talks about some of the preparations they made.

Keywords: Adequate warning; Area; Cars; Evacuation; Florida; Gas; Generators; Governor; High tide; House; Hurricane Irene; Mom; Pets; Preparations; Room; Safe; School; Storm; Warnings; Water; Work

00:13:09 - First day of the storm

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Partial Transcript: So take me to--take me through the day of the storm. Where were you? What was the first signs of storms that you saw?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes being able to hear things splash around, clank, and bump into each other in her basement because of the amount of water in there. She also tells about having all of her family end up going to the top floor which was prepared with a blow-up kayak and life vests just in case they had to evacuate their house.

Keywords: Area; Basement; Daughters; Dogs; Driving; Flood; Generators; High tide; House; Lights; Lost; Mom; Outside; Power; Rain; Room; Sleep; Storm; Tide; Water; Wind; Windy

00:19:29 - Aftermath of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Um, what was going through your head the next day when you woke up?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid tells about the lack of sleep she and her family had. She also explains the appearance of the neighborhood after the storm hit.

Keywords: Batteries; Cell phones; Contact; Daughters; Facebook; Family; Floors; Generators; House; Mom; Neighborhood; Outside; Phones; Port Monmouth; Sleep; Tree; Water; Wind

00:24:44 - Losses / length of the storm

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Partial Transcript: So how long did the storm last?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes that she cooked whatever was in her freezer at the time and her neighbor helped her with eggs her chickens were laying. She also tells that their power was out until the day the kids were able to get back to school.

Keywords: Atlantic Highlands; Attics; Boats; Clean up; Community; Cook; Debris; Electricity; Food; Foodtown; Gas; Gas lines; Generators; House; Losses; Mood; Necessities; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Power; Rain; School; Stores; Storm; Tree; War zone; Water; Wawa

GPS: Foodtown (Atlantic Highlands, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.424524, -74.101709
00:30:49 - Support after the storm

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Um, who did you look to for support? Your power company, insurance, FEMA?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid talks about her experience with filing for FEMA. She also reveals that there were four arrests on her block after the storm.

Keywords: After the storm; Apartment; Bayonne; Community; Curfews; Daughters; Dogs; Experience; FEMA; Firehouse; Flood; Food; House; Insurance companies; Looting; Money; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Power; Safe; Support

GPS: Bayonne, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.668586, -74.113859
00:33:05 - Response of the storm / coping

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Partial Transcript: How did you cope with the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes the help with her leases she is receiving from FEMA. She also describes all of the contributions from her family and neighbors.

Keywords: Area; Cell phones; Church; Clean; Community; Cope; Emergency; FEMA; Firehouse; Flood; Food; Furniture; Helped; Helping; House; Insurance; Local government; Meals; Mennonite; Money; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Oklahoma; Organization; Red Cross; Religious communities; Respond; Response; Storm; Target; Town; Volunteers

00:39:12 - Preparation of New Jersey / dunes and raising houses

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Partial Transcript: Um, do you think that New Jersey prepared adequately?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid believes that it's more important to not subject houses to devastation just because of the view. She also says that what happened was just Mother Nature taking what's hers and that there should be more dunes built to prevent such devastation.

Keywords: Accurate; After the storm; Beach; Coverage; Devastation; Dunes; Freak occurrence; Home; Houses; Hurricane Katrina; Media; Money; Mother Nature; New Jersey; Port Monmouth; Power; Prepared adequately; President; Property; Sensationalized; Storm; Tax money; Town

00:42:22 - Opinions on the governor, response from the rest of the country, and environmental views

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Partial Transcript: Did you opinion of Chris Christie change?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid says that she believes the water received on the land doesn't have anywhere to go. She also says that she doesn't want to leave her area and enjoys where she lives.

Keywords: Aid; Area; Beach; Chris Christie; Country; Devastation; Environment; Flooding; Florida; Governor Christie; Help; Hurricane; Lived; Oklahoma; Response; Storm; Water

GPS: Everglades, Fl.
Map Coordinates: 25.858293, -81.385454
00:45:49 - Changes in outlook

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Partial Transcript: Okay. All right. Um, closing up, have things returned back to normal?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid describes that she felt there was a huge mistake with electing the president because of the length of time it took to receive aid. Her outlook changed in the way of preparation.

Keywords: Apartment; Beach; Building; Chris Christie; Community; Daughters; Dogs; Experience; FEMA; Firehouse; Governor; Gubernatorial campaign; Home; House; Hurricane Katrina; Insurance; Job; Mom; Money; Moved; Normal; Outlook; Political; Prepared; Presidential campaign; Renting; School; Storm; Tree

00:52:21 - Message of the storm

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Partial Transcript: What will you tell your children or your grandchildren about the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Bulvid believes the storm should have been covered more by the media and there should have been more help. She also believes the legacy of the storm is the destroyed Jersey Shore and how they rebuilt the boardwalk.

Keywords: Accident; Boardwalks; Car; Children; Chris Christie; Coverage; Devastation; Garbage; Help; Hurricane Sandy; Jersey shore; Legacy; Message; Storm; Tax money