Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Angelita Liaguno-Dorr, March 22, 2013

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Today's date is March 22nd, 2013. It's about 11:45 a.m. I am at Jakeabob's Off The Bay with Angelita--

GPS: Jakeabob's Bay (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.451, -74.171
00:00:22 - Jakeabob's restaurant

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Partial Transcript: And how long have you had the business in Union Beach?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr discusses the history of her businesses, Pluggy's Place, and Jakeabob's. She also describes what she likes most about living on the beaches of New Jersey.

Keywords: Business; Businesses; Community; Family; Family-oriented; Florida; Front Street; Involved; Jakeabob's; Jersey Shore (TV); Neighborhood; New Jersey; Pluggy's Place; Shore; Union Avenue; Union Beach; Weather

GPS: Jakeabob's Bay (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.451, -74.171
00:02:39 - Involvement in the community

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Partial Transcript: And how are you involved in the community besides being a business owner?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about how she helped out around the community by holding fundraisers at Jakeabob's before the storm. She also talks about when she first heard about the storm, and what she thought the outcome was going to be.

Keywords: Before the storm; Borough; Borough Hall; Business owner; Community; Community events; Direction; Donating; Donation; Donation center; Fundraisers; Guidance; Help; Hope; Involved; Pantry center; Restaurant; Storm

GPS: Union Beach Borough Hall (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.439, -74.178
00:03:34 - Thoughts and preparation before Hurricane Sandy / warnings

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Partial Transcript: When did you first hear the storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about how she prepared for the storm and her thoughts when she first heard about Hurricane Sandy. She also gives her opinion of Governor Christie and the evacuation warnings she was given.

Keywords: Adequate warning; After the storm; Area; Availability; Before the storm; Chris Christie; Critical damage; Damage; Evacuation warnings; First thoughts; Floors; Governor Christie; Issues; Jerseyan; Lifted; Mandatory evacuation; Moved; Nor'easter; Office; Prepare; Respond; Sandbagged; Storm; Supplies; Wall; Warnings

00:06:14 - Aftermath of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Take me through the day of the storm.

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about what it was like to see the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, and the 911 calls she witnessed at Borough Hall.

Keywords: Angry; Beachfront; Borough; Borough Hall; Borough headquarters; Building; Buildings; Car; Cinder blocks; Completely gone; Couches; Crashing over; Dark; Didn't understand; Dinner; Doors; Dressers; Driving; Friends; Front Street; Gas; Gas truck; High tide; Home; Hot water heaters; Illuminating; Light; Mess; Monday afternoon; Night; No roof; No walls; Pipes; Police officers; Power; Power lines; Remember; Signs; Storm; Sun; Sunday; Toilets; Town; Town blew up; Transformers blowing; Trees; Ugly; Wall; Water; Waves; Windy

GPS: Union Beach Borough Hall (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.439, -74.179
00:10:13 - Dispatch calls

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Partial Transcript: And you said you had gotten most of your information from the police station and all the people?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about how she got her information about the storm. She also tells the sad stories she heard from other community members while listening to dispatch calls at the police headquarters.

Keywords: Attics; Brooke Avenue; Chills; Dispatcher; Fire structures; Floating; Front Street; Headquarters; Immediate; Information; Neighbor; Nothing; Police station; Quietly; Remember; Roof; Rooftops; Sea; Sleep; Storm; Structure; Stuck

GPS: Union Beach Police Department (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.438, -74.173
00:11:35 - Involvement in the Union Beach community after the storm / donation center / mood of the community

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Partial Transcript: What was going through your head when you--if you did sleep, though you say you didn't--um, the next day when you finally got up and were able to do something?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr discusses how she volunteered her time to help her community after the storm by volunteering at the donation center. She also talks about how losing her business felt like a death to her.

Keywords: Beginning; Blankets; Borough; Borough Hall; Borough administrator; Breaking point; Building; Church; Cleaning supplies; Community; Coping; Damages; Death; Disbelief; Donating food; Drawn out; Food; Friday; Gateway Church Of Christ; Grieve; Headquarters; Help; Holmdel; Hope; House; Mood; Non-perishables; Numb; Obviously; Ourselves; Pantry donation center; Papers; Pastor; Pillows; Realization; Remember; Rubble; Salvaging; Shock; Suffered; Supplies; The Northeast; Tough crowd; Tractor-trailer

GPS: Gateway Church of Christ (Holmdel, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.384, -74.187
00:15:26 - Starting up life again

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Partial Transcript: How did you manage to get in touch with people th--um, throughout the first few weeks with the cell phone coverage being horrible?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr describes driving three hours to Pennsylvania to get gas for their car and forget about the devastation for a little while.

Keywords: Borough; Borough Hall; Breather; Cell phone; Chores; Coverage; Day-to-day; Donation center; Employers; Facebook; Gas; Gas lines; Helped; Home; Horrible; House; Job; Kids; Mail; Mail service; Manage; Necessities; Night; No lines; Organize; Ourselves; Pennsylvania; Phone; Positions; Power; Remove; Sleet; Snow; Stores; Superstorm; Thursday; Transpired; Union Beach; Verizon; Walmart; Weeks

00:18:13 - Cleanup of Jakeabob's / dealing with insurance and FEMA

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Partial Transcript: How did you start your cleanup of Jakeabob's?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr gets upset about the damage done to her business, and talks about how she stayed strong because of her pastor and her community. Insurance companies were a big issue after the storm and she explains her experience with them.

Keywords: Blessing; Building; Buses; Cleanup; Community; Dock Street; FEMA; Flood insurance; Gateway Church Of Christ; Help; Holmdel; Insurance; Insurance companies; Issue; Jakeabob's; Never found; Office; Overwhelmed; Pastor; Public adjuster; Spiritual leader; Storm; Strength; Support; Town; Underneath; Walked; Wind

GPS: Jakeabob's Bay, Inc. (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.442, -74.165
00:20:43 - Community coping / advice to FEMA / police protection

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Partial Transcript: How did--how do you believe the community coped?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr describes how her community coped and came together after the storm. She also discusses her idea to help others prepare for a natural disaster in the future.

Keywords: Aid; Amazing; Appliances; Beginning; Binder; Borough Hall; Borough clerk; Building; Business owner; Chief of police; Communities; Community; Coped; Council; Disaster; Emergency personnel; FEMA; Family; Fire; Fire department; First aid; Furniture; Gateway Church Of Christ; Government; Guidance; Helping; Holmdel; Jakeabob's; Looting; Mayor; Minimal; Municipality; National Guard; Negative; Pastor; Plan; Police; Police station; Positive; Protected; Protection; Relief; Religious; Resident; Responsibility; Safe; Streets; Strong; Supplies; Tension; Town; Worked together

GPS: Union Beach Police Department (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.439, -74.173
00:24:21 - Jakeabob's Off the Bay / rebuilding with insurance companies / New Jersey's preparations

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Partial Transcript: How long was, uh, school out in the area?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about rebuilding her business, and how New Jersey and FEMA can prepare for the future.

Keywords: Adjuster; Area; Binder; Blame; Blown away; Borough; Building; Business; Community; Completely gone; Contribute; Cooked; Cost; Disaster; Extensive; FEMA; Federal level; Flood; Freak occurrence; Frustrating; Government; Governor; Grammar school; Grants; Guide; Guidelines; Home; Hurricane; Insurance; Insurance company; Jakeabob's Bay; Jakeabob's Off the Bay; Lifted; Losses; Magnitude; Mother Nature; New Jersey; Organization; Prepare; Prepared; Prepared adequately; Public adjuster; Rain; Rebuild; Removed; Renting; Response; Sand; Sandbags; School; Storm; Submerged; Survived; TV; Towns; Washed away; Water; Weather; Winds

GPS: Jakeabob's Off the Bay (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.442, -74.165
00:29:19 - Media coverage / political response / new building precautions

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Partial Transcript: How did you feel about the media coverage?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr discusses media coverage even after the the storm, and the response of President Obama and Governor Chris Christie. She also talks about how she plans to rebuild Jakeabob's in the future.

Keywords: Accurate; Barack Obama; Beginning; Borough; Building; Catapult; Chance; Changed; Channel 12; Chris Christie; Concerned; Country; Devastation; Displaced; Donations; Empty lots; Environmental issues; Environmentally; Experience; Governor Christie; Guilty; Heartwarming; Homes; Hostage; Insurance; Katrina; Love; Media coverage; Opinion; Political lines; Precaution; Rebuild; Response; Together; Water

GPS: Borough Hall (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.439, -74.17
00:32:30 - Reuse of damaged doors

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Partial Transcript: Have--I know it's obviously--you're not completely back to normal, but have you feel like--does anything feel like its back to normal or does everything still feel chaotic?

Segment Synopsis: Liaguno-Dorr talks about her business and the legacy of the storm. She also talks about how she came up with the idea to restore damaged doors and use them as tables and dividers for her business.

Keywords: Agencies; Basement; Bay; Binder; Borough; Business; Changes; Chaotic; Children; Community; Daily life; Daughter; Destruction; Development; Disaster; Disrupted; Doors; Election; Experience; Faith; Feedback; Grandchildren; Helped; Hope; Houses; Human compassion; Legacy; Manager; Message; Normal; November; October; Outlook; Pluggy's Place; Political; Restore; Restored; Storm; Tables; Temporary; Union Beach; Vote; Worked