Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Alicia Hill, March 5, 2013

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Today's date is March 5, 2013. This is Brittany Le Strange interviewing Alicia Hill in the Kean University library, on the third floor study room. Alicia, how old are you?

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Alicia Hill

Keywords: Kean University

GPS: Kean University, (Union Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.680, -74.234
00:00:14 - Background

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Partial Transcript: Alicia, how old are you?

Segment Synopsis: Hill talks about the crime in her neighborhood, and where she goes to school and work. She also talks about her opinion of living in New Jersey, and what she does in her free time.

Keywords: Dangerous; Environment; Friends; Irvington; Kean University; New Jersey; Pets

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:01:44 - Jersey beaches

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Partial Transcript: If you get the chance to go to the shore, which shore do you prefer?

Segment Synopsis: Hill discusses her favorite Jersey beaches and her opinion on the TV show 'Jersey Shore.'

Keywords: Beach; Jersey shore; Point Pleasant; Seaside; Shore; Snooki

GPS: Point Pleasant Beach, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.091, -74.049
00:02:40 - Involvement in Irvington community / crime in Irvington

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Partial Transcript: Are you involved at all in your neighborhood, community?

Segment Synopsis: Hill talks about her community in Irvington and the crime rate in her area. She also talks about the bad reputation Irvington receives.

Keywords: Area; Brother; Car; Communities; Community; Crime; Crime rate; District; Ghetto; Ghost town; Irvington; Kids; Mentor; Mentoring; Neighborhood; Organized; School; Sister; Stolen; Technological; Town; Tutoring; Urban; Worst

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:04:49 - Prior to Hurricane Sandy

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Partial Transcript: When did you first hear about the storm coming?

Segment Synopsis: Hill elaborates on her first thoughts about Hurricane Sandy, and also discusses how her family prepared for the storm.

Keywords: Adequate; Adequate warning; Availability; Bergen County; Car; Cars; Chris Christie; Crowded; Devastating; Drastic; Essex County; Evacuation warnings; First thoughts; Food; Governor Christie; Governors; Hurricane Irene; Hurricane Sandy; Irene; Leaves; Mom; Newark; Nothing; Prepare; Scarce; Stores; Storm; Supermarket; Supplies; Surprising; Tree; Warnings; Water; Wind

GPS: Newark, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.735, -74.171
00:08:36 - Day of the storm / school

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Partial Transcript: Take me through your day of the storm.

Segment Synopsis: Hill discusses her activities during the storm. She also talks about how long Kean University was shut down.

Keywords: Comfortable; Conditions; Destroyed; Falling apart; Friends; House; Job; Jobs; Lightning; Outside; Rain; Reopened; School; Storm; Teacher; Trees; Wind; Windy

00:09:57 - Conditions during the storm

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Partial Transcript: You said--now, conditions: you said it was windy and there was lightning.

Segment Synopsis: Hill discusses the conditions of the storm, such as rain accumulation and minor destruction. She also explains how she lost power after the storm, and how she was disgusted with the outcome of the storm.

Keywords: After the storm; Area; Blackout; Conditions; Connection; Contact; Day of the storm; Destruction; Dinner; Disgusted; During the storm; Gas; Houses; Immediate; Information; Lightning; Lose; Minor; Morning; News; Night; Phone; Power; Rain; Sleep; Storm; Storm ended; Torn down; Windy

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:12:00 - Aftermath of the storm

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Partial Transcript: What was going through your head the next day when you woke up?

Segment Synopsis: Hill talks about her reaction to the end of the storm and the damage her house incurred. She also describes the mood of the community and how her family stuck together through this rough time.

Keywords: After the storm; Angry; Aunt; Blackout; Broom; Car; Cell phone; Cleaning; Community; Contact; Coverage; Damage; Day of the storm; Debris; Depressed; Describe; Driving; Facebook; Family; Friends; Gas; Grandmother; Home; Horrible; House; Internet; Lights; Luckily; Major; Miserable; Mood; Morning; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Night; Outside; People; Phone; Power; Prayers; Praying; Property; Scene; Stores; Terrible; Trees Fallen; Window; Working

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:14:59 - Weeks after the storm

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Partial Transcript: How about the next day after that?

Segment Synopsis: Hill talks about the days following Hurricane Sandy and how her family went about getting their day-to-day necessities. She also discusses the damages in her county.

Keywords: Area; Aunt; Clean; Clean up; Counties; County; Curfews; Damages; Day-to-day; Debris; Difficult; Essex County; FEMA; Gas; Gas shortages; Grandmother; Help; Helped out; Home; Insurance companies; Mail; Mess; Mondays; Mother; Necessities; Next day; Oceans; Power; Protocol; Ridiculous; Severe; Severely; Shore; Store; Town; Trash; Tuesday; Wish

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:17:23 - Reaction of the Irvington community

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Partial Transcript: How would you say your community coped with the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Hill describes her community's reaction to the storm and how they were affected by the storm in regards to school and public transportation.

Keywords: Affected; Angry; Bus; Buses; Calm; Community; Contact; Contribute; Coped; Destroyed; During the storm; Facebook; Family; Friends; Home; Local; Patient; Phone; Power; Resources; School; Schools; Storm; Stuck

GPS: Irvington, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.726, -74.223
00:18:53 - Government response

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Partial Transcript: How did you feel about the response by like the government, and FEMA, insurance companies, from what you saw as an outsider?

Segment Synopsis: Hill talks about the response from the government and insurance companies. She also states her opinions on Governor Christie and President Obama.

Keywords: Accurate; Adequately; Advertised; After the storm; Areas; Barack Obama; Before the storm; Blame; Broadcast; Chris Christie; Contributed; Counties; Destroyed; Differently; Emphasized; Evacuate; FEMA; Freak occurrence; Government; Helping hand; House; Human nature; Hurricane; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Sandy; Insurance companies; Media coverage; New Jersey; Newark; News; Nonchalant; Normal; Opinion; Outsider; President; President Obama; Quickly; Responded; Response; Restored; Safety supplies; School; Sensational; Staten Island; Storage; Together; Towns; Warning; Well represented

00:22:56 - Response of the country / environmental issues / outlook of community

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Partial Transcript: How did you feel about the response of the rest of the country?

Segment Synopsis: Hill discusses her opinion on the response to the storm from the rest of the country, and offers advice on preparing for natural disasters in the future. She also talks about the way her outlook on the community and the world has changed.

Keywords: Apartment; Aware; Car; Cherish; Community; Contributor; Contributors; Counties; Country; Daily life; Donating; Environment; Environmental issues; Friends; Future; Helping; Helping hand; Home; House; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Sandy; Hurricanes; Involved; Louisiana; Money; National disasters; New Jersey; Normal; Old Bridge; Outlook; Photos; Prepare; Response; Restore; Safe; Storm; Together; World; change

00:26:09 - Political views / message about the storm

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Partial Transcript: Did it change your political views at all?

Segment Synopsis: Alicia Hill talks about her political views and her opinion of President Obama. She also talks about Hurricane Sandy and how she could have been more prepared.

Keywords: 2012 presidential election; 2013 gubernatorial election; After the storm; America; Appreciate; Aware; Barack Obama; Caution; Cherish; Children; Chris Christie; Come together; Contributed; Donated; Evacuate; Experience; Governors; Grandchildren; Help; Huge disaster; Hurricane; Hurricane Sandy; Hurricanes; Important; Legacy; Memento; Message; Money; Pay attention; Photos; Political; Serious; Stories; Storm; Together; Tragedy; Vote; Voted; Warning