Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Deborah Kimm, September 3, 2013

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: My name is Trudi-Ann Lawrence.

Segment Synopsis: Deborah Kimm gives background information about herself.

Keywords: Community; Depression; Home; Houses; Job; Neighborhood; Occupation; Union Beach

00:05:24 - Past storm experiences and expectations of Hurricane Sandy

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Partial Transcript: Um, so tell me about when you first heard the storm was coming, what did you expect?

Segment Synopsis: Kimm talks about her preparation for the storm and her past experiences with storms. She discusses what she expected when first hearing about the storm.

Keywords: Cars; Community; Depression; Dogs; Evacuate; Firehouse; Flood; Garage; Home; Houses; Job; Lost; Neighborhood; Occupation; Shock; Storm; Union Beach

GPS: Bayshore Senior Center (Keansburg, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.448436, -74.129374
00:06:58 - Evacuation plan and community

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Partial Transcript: Um, so you said you evacuated.

Segment Synopsis: Kimm describes her evacuation and how people in the community came together to help each other after the storm.

Keywords: Car; Community; Depressed; Flood; Helped; Home; Houses; Hurricane Katrina; Lost; Moved; New Jersey; Ocean County; Positive; Shock; Tree

GPS: Keansburg, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.441829, -74.130846
00:12:31 - FEMA aid and clean-up

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Partial Transcript: So did you contact your insurance companies and FEMA?

Segment Synopsis: Kimm talks about FEMA and how helpful the agency was to her. She describes the cleanup process.

Keywords: Aid; Clean up; Communities; Community; Cope; FEMA; Furniture; Help; Helped; Helping; Home; Houses; Insurance; Mold; Money; Salt water; Sister; TV; Television; Tree

00:17:24 - Was New Jersey prepared? / politics

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Partial Transcript: Do you believe that New Jersey prepared adequately for the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Kimm discusses whether she believes New Jersey was adequately prepared for the storm. She talks about the response of the community to the crisis and the positivity of everyone working together. She talks about the storm's impact on politics.

Keywords: 2013 election; Brother; Car; Changed; Children; Community; Country; Driving; Elections; Environment; Experience; Friends; Governor; Gubernatorial elections; Hardships; Help; Home; Houses; Impact; Impacting; Media; New Jersey; Normal; Political; Politics; Positive; Preparation; President; Presidential campaign; Shock; Sister; Storm; Volunteer; Vote; World

00:22:07 - Advice to others suffering from natural disasters / legacy of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Um, is there a word of advice from one, I guess you could say, homeowner to another...

Segment Synopsis: Kimm offers advice to others in similar situations. She talks about coping in these situations and discusses what she believes will be the legacy of the storm.

Keywords: 2013 election; Changed; Children; Community; Cope; Country; Feelings; Governor; Hardships; Help; Home; House; Houses; Impacting; Legacy; Living; Lost; Neighbors; Nothing; Political; Politics; Positive; Presidential campaign; Shock; Snow; Storm; Survived; Volunteer; Vote; World; Worse; Wow