Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Trudi-Ann Lawrence, March 7, 2013

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Arij Syed interviewing Trudi Lawrence for part of the Staring Out to Sea Project.

Segment Synopsis: Syed asks general questions to get to know Lawrence better. They talk about her job and family.

Keywords: Family; Hurricane Sandy; Kean; New Jersey; Plainfield; Teacher

GPS: Kean University (Union, NJ)
Map Coordinates: 40.680834, -74.234276
00:01:16 - Recreational activities

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Partial Transcript: What do you like living--what do you like about living in New Jersey?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence talks about what she likes about living in New Jersey. They discuss what it's like to live in Plainfield and what she does in her free time.

Keywords: Amusement parks; Children; Community; Crime; Government aid; Jersey Shore (TV); New Jersey; Plainfield; School system; Shore; Union County; Volunteer

GPS: Plainfield, NJ
Map Coordinates: 40.635798, -74.410807
00:04:59 - Storm expectations

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Partial Transcript: Can we move on to some questions more about the storm?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence talks about what she and her family did to get ready for the storm.

Keywords: Adequate warning; Batteries; Caribbean islands; Evacuation warnings; Flood; Governor; Hurricane Irene; Irene; Prepare; Supplies; Walmart

GPS: Caribbean Islands
Map Coordinates: 22.535565, -78.644595
00:09:37 - Day of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Now, uh, how did you prepare your house?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence discusses what she did on the day of the storm. She talks about how the storm affected her.

Keywords: Before the storm; Cars; Children; Contact; Disaster; Family; House; New York; Pets; Power was out; Rain; Sleep; Storm; Weather; Wind; Work

GPS: Brooklyn, NY
Map Coordinates: 40.677322, -73.937864
00:12:43 - After the storm

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Partial Transcript: And, um, when did the immediate storm end for you?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence talks about what happened as a result of the storm and what she experienced.

Keywords: AT&T; Cell phones; Damages; Fallen trees; Immediate; Morning; Night; Outside; Power lines; Storm; Struggle; Verizon; Work

00:16:41 - Days after the storm

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, can you take us through the next few days?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence talks about what she experienced the days after the storm. She explains how she ate, and dealt with power outages and gas shortages.

Keywords: Blankets; Car; Children; Clean up; Dark; Driving; Electricity; Food; Gas; Gas shortage; Generators; Home Depot; House; Light; Mail service; New Brunswick; Power outage; Route 1; School; ShopRite; Stop & Shop; Stores; Target; Trash; Walmart; Watchung Square Mall; Water; Weather

GPS: New Brunswick, NJ
Map Coordinates: 40.487006, -74.451568
00:22:33 - Community support / power companies

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Partial Transcript: And, um, so who did you look to for support or help?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence gives her opinions on local groups and whether they helped or not.

Keywords: Area; Church; Experience; Friends; Help; House; Meals; PSE&G; Power; Power companies; Red Cross; Response; Restore; Service; Services; Support; Terrible; Trees; Water

00:27:04 - Community response

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Partial Transcript: How did your community cope? And, uh, what was the response there? Positive or

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence discusses how her immediate community reacted to the storm, namely school, church, and police.

Keywords: Church; Community; Cope; Damages; Evangel Church; Fallen trees; Gas shortage; Losses; Nature; Negative; Positive; Power lines; Red Cross; Religious communities; Response; Safe; School; Storm; Sunday; Trees; Working

00:30:29 - Government response / media response

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Partial Transcript: Now I’m going to ask you some more questions not directly related to the day in
question, but more about the response, particularly with the government and the outside media.

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence talks about various groups' responses to the crisis including her local municipality, the county, FEMA, federal and state government, and Governor Chris Christie. She talks about whether New Jersey prepared adequately. She talks about people who chose to ignore evacuation warnings. She discusses whether media reports of the storm were accurate or sensationalized.

Keywords: Accurate; Chris Christie; Christie; Community; County; Destruction; Dunes; Evacuation warnings; FEMA; Federal government; Force; Garbage; Government aid; Houses; Media; Municipality; New Jersey; New York; News; Pictures; Prepared adequately; President Obama; Public works; Response; Seaside Heights; Shore; State; Storm; Suffered; Town; Trees; Union County

00:37:17 - Rest of the country's response

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Partial Transcript: How do the feel about the response from the rest of the country?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence discusses the rest of the country's response in helping New Jersey, particularly college students.

Keywords: Care; Clean up; Country; Helping hand; Hurricane Katrina; Income; New Orleans; Positive; President Bush; Response; School; Student

00:40:12 - Closing thoughts / storm's legacy

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Partial Transcript: How do you think this storm has influenced or shaped environmental issues? Do you think it has?

Segment Synopsis: Lawrence gives her closing thoughts on the environment, politics, the community, and what this storm's legacy will be to future generations.

Keywords: Atlantic City; Boardwalks; Children; Climate; Climate change; Community; Environment; Environmental issues; Grandchildren; Jersey shore; Legacy; Lessons; Message; Outlook; Political; Prepared; Presidential campaign; Seaside Heights; Storm; Trees; Vote