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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Brittany Le Strange, interviewing Joe Mangino on July 18, 2013 at three pm at Tuckerton Seaport Museum.

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Joe Mangino.

00:00:11 - Brief biography

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Partial Transcript: And how old are you, Mr. Mangino?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino describes his occupation and who makes up his family. He also describes his community in Beach Haven West and why he likes living there.

Keywords: Area; Beach; Beach Haven West; Business; Cedar Bonnet Island; Coast; Community; Crime; Daughters; Ethnicity; Family; House; Hurricane Sandy; Involved; Kids; Lagoons; Lived; Long Beach Island; Moved; Neighborhood; New Jersey; Ocean County; Power; Sandy; Schools; Shore; Stafford Township; Street; Teacher; Town; Water

GPS: Cedar Bonnet Island (Stafford Township, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 39.654657, -74.188433
00:03:01 - First word of the storm / first thoughts

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Partial Transcript: When did you first hear the storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Being that Mangino is a surfer, he tells about how aware he and his family were of Hurricane Sandy's arrival. Mangino also talks about how he and his family were quite prepared before Sandy hit.

Keywords: Adequate warning; Availability; Batteries; Business; Caribbean islands; Coast; Damage; Evacuate; Family; First thoughts; Friends; Garage; Gas lines; Governor; Hit; Home; House; Hurricane Irene; Hurricane Sandy; Irene; Islands; Neighbors; Panicking; Prepare; Prepared; Sandy; Storm; Street; Supplies; Warnings; Water; Work

00:05:27 - Day of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Take me through the day of the storm.

Segment Synopsis: Mangino describes the day of the storm, in which he was staying with a friend. He also discusses losing a second job because all of his equipment was under four feet of water in his garage.

Keywords: Beach; Before the storm; Destroyed; Friends; Garage; Help; House; Islands; Job; Kids; Lost; Moved; Night; Power; School; Signs; State; Storm; Teacher; Volunteers; Water; Window; Winds; Work

00:07:40 - First day after the storm

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Partial Transcript: That first day after the storm, how did you get your information with all the cell phones being down and everything?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino describes the feeling of not being able to sleep the night of the storm. He also discusses first seeing his house after Hurricane Sandy had struck.

Keywords: Debris; Doors; Evacuate; Flood; Friends; Garage; Gut; House; Immediate; Mess; Neighbors; Night; Phone; Recede; Sleep; Storm; Street; Tide; Water

00:10:42 - Damages / coping after the storm

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Partial Transcript: Um, let's see. How would you say, scale of one to ten, how bad were your damages?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino discusses the amazing group who helped him gut his house and let him and his family stay with them until they got back on their feet. He also describes the battle that took place to get help from his insurance company. Mangino says that he was a part of a community center which helped others gut out their homes.

Keywords: After the storm; Bedrooms; Community; Cope; Damages; Day-to-day; Election; FEMA; Floors; Food; Friends; Garage; Heat; Help; Home; House; Houses; Insurance companies; Involved; Loss; Lost; Lucky; Money; Morning; Mortgage; Moved; Necessities; Neighborhood; Pipes; Rebuild; Residents; Respond; Running water; Safety; Street; Supplies; Support; Teacher; Town; Trash; Volunteer; Work

00:15:43 - START

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Partial Transcript: About how many hours in volunteering?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino describes how Mike and himself got a community volunteering program together in which the whole town would come to them to bring supplies and food for those in need. He also describes the flag his wife and one of her co-workers made for the organization and how much it symbolized the group.

Keywords: Area; Cell phones; Fences; Fire; Flooding; House; Organize; Panicking; Phone; Pictures; Residents; Storm; Supplies; Survived; Teacher; Town; Volunteer; Volunteers; Work

00:18:25 - Response of the government, FEMA, and more / trash pickup / looting

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Partial Transcript: How did you feel about the response of government and organizations, FEMA, basically everything?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino talks about how FEMA and the Red Cross would send those in need to his organization for help. He also describes how the trash pickup went and how looters were coming around his neighborhood.

Keywords: Angry; Area; Cops; Debris; FEMA; Fire; Help; Looters; National Guard; Neighbors; Normal; Organization; Police; Progress; Public works; Red Cross; Residents; Response; Street; Supplies; Town; Trash; Volunteers

00:21:51 - The state's preparedness

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Do you believe New Jersey prepared adequately?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino believes that New Jersey had adequate warning before Hurricane Sandy hit. He also says that he is raising his house, and talks about what he believes could have been done better in terms of preventing all the damage.

Keywords: Area; Dunes; Flood; Governor; Hit; Home; House; Houses; Hurricane Sandy; Lagoons; Long Beach Island; New Jersey; Ortley Beach; Police; Preparation; Prepared; Prepared adequately; President; Red Cross; Residents; Respond; Sandy; State; Storm; Street; Supplies; Warning; Water

GPS: Ortley Beach (Seaside Heights, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 39.956012, -74.079058
00:25:03 - Freak occurrence / opinion of the governor and president

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Partial Transcript: Do you believe it was just a freak occurrence, or have anything to do with environmental changes?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino describes how the governor's office was so great to him and his organization after Hurricane Sandy. He also states that he appreciates the work both President Obama and Governor Christie did together.

Keywords: Accurate; Area; Asbury Park; Barack Obama; Boardwalks; Businesses; Chris Christie; Community; Coverage; Destroyed; Donated; Environment; Flood; Freak occurrence; Global warming; Governor; Helped; Hit; House; Hurricane Irene; Hurricane Sandy; Irene; Jersey shore; Long Beach Island; Media; Money; Pictures; Rebuild; Recovery; Sandy; Seaside Heights; Severe; Stores; Stories; Storm; Teacher; Work

00:28:46 - Effect on outlooks in the community

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Partial Transcript: In comparison to other storms you've experienced and other storms the United States has experienced that you've seen, like on the news and everything, how do you believe the response was in comparison?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino states that he would rather start another organization if another disaster occurs rather than count on any big government groups. He discusses how the storm has caused him to be more involved.

Keywords: Beach; Car; Changed; Changes; Community; Destroy; Disaster; Environment; Expense; Family; Help; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Sandy; Islands; Katrina; News; Oklahoma; Outlook; Protected; Response; Sandy; Storm; Supplies; Tornadoes; Volunteer

00:32:38 - Returning to normal / effect of the storm on the elections

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Partial Transcript: Have things returned to semi-normal, or not quite yet?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino discusses how awesome he thinks it is that people who are complete strangers can help others. He also believes that the storm did not impact the presidential campaign nor did it affect the gubernatorial election.

Keywords: 2012 election; 2013 election; Building; Community; Daily life; Donating; Friends; Governor; Gut; Home; House; Lost; Mess; Normal; Outlook; Phones; Plans; Presidential campaign; Property; Recovery; Sandy relief program; Street; Supplies; Town; Volunteer; Water; Window; Work; World; Yard

00:37:35 - Legacy of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Obviously your children are old enough to remember this, but what would you tell your grandchildren down the line?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino hopes that his descendants learn from what he did for his community. He also warns that those facing an oncoming storm like Hurricane Sandy should prepare themselves and their community.

Keywords: Batteries; Children; Community; Contractor; Contractors; Daughters; Destroyed; Elevate; Friends; Help; Home; House; Involved; Kids; Legacy; Message; Neighbors; Plans; Prepare; Prepared; Sandy; Stories; Storm; Town

00:40:43 - Last words

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Partial Transcript: And did I miss anything? Anything I haven't asked that I should have?

Segment Synopsis: Mangino tells a story of a woman who needed help to fix her house, who he and his team ended up helping. He also discloses that it's been an emotional journey and that he still gets emotional when he sees things relating to the storm.

Keywords: Adequate; Adjusters; Atlantic City; Community; Contractor; Destroyed; Dinner; Family; Flooded; Food; Gut; Home; House; Insurance; Insurance company; Morning; Neighbors; Paperwork; Phone; Pictures; Property; Stories; Storm; Volunteer