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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Um, my name is Trudi-Ann Lawrence. Today is October 23rd and I am at Union Beach Borough Hall.

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Mary Jane and Roger Michalak.

00:00:06 - Brief biography

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Partial Transcript: Can you state your names please?

Segment Synopsis: The Michalaks share their previous occupations and their reasoning as to why they currently reside in Union Beach, New Jersey. They also discuss their favorite spots to spend their free time.

Keywords: Area; Bedrooms; Beds; Brother; Children; Community; Cost; Dining room; Doors; Ethnicity; Family; Help; House; Information; Involved; Kitchen; Lived; Living room; Mortgage; Moved; New Jersey; New York City; Occupation; President; Rooms; Small town; South River; State; Taxes; Town; Union Beach

GPS: Union Beach, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.446430, -74.177980
00:06:15 - First word of the storm

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Partial Transcript: So, when did you first hear the storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Jane describes how she and her husband were told to evacuate to a school which ended up getting eleven feet of water inside. They also tell about the water rising in their house while Hurricane Sandy hit.

Keywords: Bedroom; Beds; Boats; Candles; Car; Damage; Debris; Dining room; Doors; Evacuate; Expect; First thoughts; Floors; House; Kitchen; Predict; Prepared; Roof; Rooms; School; Secure; Sleep; Storm; Street; Survived; Television; Union Beach; Wall; Water; Wet

00:13:01 - Neighbors distraught after the storm

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Partial Transcript: But the reason for that is the sewage plant in Union Beach backed up.

Segment Synopsis: Roger shares how a neighbor was very upset about the damage to her house but he was able to make her feel better by making her realize she still had her significant other. Mary Jane also discusses the fact that it was hard to do many things after Hurricane Sandy because not many people had proper identification with them.

Keywords: Beachfront; Floors; Hazlet; Helping; House; Hurricane Katrina; Katrina; Keyport; Lost; Money; Morning; Neighbors; Outside; Pets; Pictures; Rescue; Stories; Street; Survived; Television; Town; Union Beach; Water; Windows; Working

00:19:24 - Mood of the community / coping

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Partial Transcript: So--(coughs)--you were telling me about what you went through the next day when you work out so, uh--woke up and you saw the fish on the lawn and everything. So, what was the mood of the community?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Jane talks about the support from FEMA and living in a mobile home. She also describes that all of her clothing was damaged so she had to go to a store in her community which was giving clothing items out.

Keywords: Beds; Blanket; Blankets; Clean; Clean up; Community; Contact; Contractors; Coping; Disaster; FEMA; Family; Firehouse; Food; Helped; Home; House; Insurance companies; Kitchen; Mood; Response; Salvage; Sister; Storm; Street; Support; Town; Union Beach; Water; Weeks

00:25:23 - Safety

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Partial Transcript: Did you feel safe, with everything going on? Did you worry--have to like worry about looting, and?

Segment Synopsis: Roger explains that people from all over were coming to Union Beach to obtain free supplies and food. He also discusses how some contractors were going around and ripping people off.

Keywords: Area; Car; Cleaning supplies; Contractors; Food; Helped; House; Information; Insurance companies; Keansburg; Looting; Organizations; Police; Port Monmouth; Renting; Response; Safe; State; Supplies; Union Beach

00:29:04 - New Jersey's preparedness / media coverage / environmental views

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Partial Transcript: Do you think that New Jersey prepared adequately?

Segment Synopsis: Roger feels as though New Jersey was not prepared, and if the flood gates were in place the magnitude of the damage of the storm would have not been as bad. Mary Jane describes the media coverage as accurate because they came to the source--the people affected.

Keywords: Accurate; Appearance; Area; Building; Car; Changed; Children; Chris Christie; Cost; Country; Coverage; Devastation; Disaster; Environment; FEMA; Family; Flood gates; Fortunate; Governor; House; Houses; Hurricane Katrina; Insurance companies; Jersey shore; Job; Katrina; Lived; Media; Money; Moved; New Jersey; Plans; Political; Power; Precaution; Prepared; Prepared adequately; President; Property; Rebuild; Respond; Response; Sensationalized; Shore; State; Storm; Strong; Taxes; Television; Town; Union Beach; Volunteers; Weeks

00:36:38 - Normal / legacy of the storm

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Partial Transcript: So, I know that, you know, it's a funny question, but do you think that things have returned to normal for you, or is it like a new normal?

Segment Synopsis: Roger and Mary Jane describe how stressful it was to find places to go after the storm. They also talk about the fact that you can't really be prepared for anything these days and that whatever is meant to happen is going to happen.

Keywords: Advice; Area; Cars; Changed; Community; Devastating; Election; Evacuation; Family; Flood; Governor; Higher ground; House; Hurricane Sandy; Impacting; Important; Legacy; Message; Money; Moore, Oklahoma; Mortgage; New normal; Normal; Outlook; Papers; Prepare; President; Sandy; Small town; Storm; Tornado; Town; Union Beach; Volunteers; Vote; Work