Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with David Tandy, March 27, 2018

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries


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00:00:00 - His metro council district

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Partial Transcript: Um, I'm Betty Bayè and I'm interviewing David Tandy.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses the neighborhoods and businesses that his metro council district encompassed.

Keywords: Activity; Barbara Shanklin; Beer; Bourbon renaissance; Business activity; Butchertown; California; Campus; Central business districts; Clarksdale; Convention centers; Districts; Dosker Manor Housing Project; Downtown; Drug and alcohol rehab facility; Economic development; Education corridor; Fun; Germantown; Healing Place; Home of the Innocent; Homeless shelters; Hospitals; Hotels; Intellectually challenging; Interests; Jefferson Community College; Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.; Louisville Metro Council; Metro council presidents; Metro councilman; Needs; Nulu; Old 502 Winery; Phoenix Hill; Portland; Public figures; Residents; Russell; Second; Shelby Park; Sheppard Square; Smoketown; Spalding University; Wayside Christian Mission; Willie Bright

Subjects: African American politicians.; African Americans.; Businesses; Diversity; Louisville (Ky.); Neighborhoods.

00:07:04 - Willie Bright and the HOPE VI Project

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Partial Transcript: Well let me ask you, David, because when you, uh, were elected--and what was your first year--

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses how he met the councilman that preceded him in his position at the Louisville Metro Council, Willie Bright, and how Bright played a role in helping push along the HOPE IV Project by selling his business to allow for enough property to be available to build the housing.

Keywords: 41st district; Attorneys; Barbeque; Beecher Terrace; Bus drivers; Campaign season; Clarence Yancey; Dave Armstrong; Democratic primaries; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Discussions; Federal government; Grassroots; HOPE VI Revitalization; Heart; Helping; Janitors; Jefferson Street; Kennedy Bridge; Louisville Metro Council; Market rate; Metro council districts; Neighborhoods; Park DuValle; Professionals; Public housing; Public service; Residents; Staff; State representatives; The Velvet Rose Supper Club; Tom Riner; Warehousing poverty; Willie Bright

Subjects: African American politicians.; African Americans--Politics and government; African Americans--Segregation; Businessmen.; Entrepreneurs.

00:12:31 - Modernizing Louisville, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Well, now, we, we talk about, uh, Willie Bright and we talk about HOPE VI Project down in--on--down in the East End, um, but a lot has happened, uh, since then.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses the different projects he was part of while he was a metro councilman on the Louisville Metro Council. He talks about the man that inspired the way he was approaching projects in his district, Maynard Jackson.

Keywords: 17th Street; 18th Street; 4th Street Live; Action; Arenas; Better; Broadway; Business community; Cars; Chairman; Chestnut Street; City; City councils; Comfort zone; Companies; Concerts; Construction; Construction Pipeline Program; Contractors; Convention centers; Debate; Delta Air Lines; Dinner; Districts; Dollars; Downtown; Economic Development Committee; Economic impact; Ecosystem; Elected officials; Entertainment district; Ernie Fletcher; Expansion; Facilities; Fairgrounds; Freedom Hall; Grocery stores; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; Hiring goals; KFC Yum! Center; Kentucky Center for the Arts; Local; Main Street; Malls; Marion Barry; Mark Twain; Market Street; Maynard Jackson; Mayors; Mindsets; Minority participation; Omni Louisville Hotel; Paychecks; Power brokers; Projects; Public dollars; Public officials; Public service; Re-election; Requirements; Retail; Roles; Shows; Signature project; Sports; Tourism business; Training; Union organizations; University of Louisville; Urban League; Urban core; Venues; Vision; Waterfront; Women participation; Workforce

Subjects: African Americans--Politics and government; African Americans.; Atlanta (Ga.); Businesses.; Entrepreneurs.; Louisville (Ky.); Middle class African Americans; Washington (D.C.)

00:29:55 - The foundation for his public service

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Partial Transcript: Uh, what, uh--many people, uh, first became aware of David Tandy--we knew you were a lawyer, but you also ran for mayor.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy briefly talks about Jesse Jackson's run for president and his influence over his life. He also discusses finding the foundation for his public service within his middle school and high school career being involved in the YMCA Youth & Government program.

Keywords: Appellate process; Cases; Democratic National Convention; Gavels; General assembly; High schools; Jesse Jackson; Kentucky Youth Assembly; Lawyers; Legal research; Middle schools; Mike Haynes; Model United Nations; Model state legislature; Model supreme court; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Outstanding advocate; Presidents; Public servants; Raoul Cunningham; Seelbach Hotel; Students; YMCA Youth & Government

Subjects: African American politicians.; African Americans--Politics and government; African Americans.; Louisville (Ky.); Owensboro (Ky.); Segregation.; YMCA

00:35:01 - Growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: --(Tandy laughs)--So, you were in high school in Owensboro because I was--I--that--you know, when I went to your life in public service, I want to say let's go backwards.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses his childhood in Owensboro, Kentucky, including his family, their occupations, the church they went to, as well as the schools the family attended throughout their lives. He also discusses how the people he grew up around helped point him in the direction he took in life.

Keywords: AP classes; Apartments; Apollo High School; Attorney/client privilege; Beatrice Tandy; Benefits; Brothers; Children; Christian County High School; City system; Clients; Coaches; Colleges; Congregations; Conversations; County cooking; County system; Courts; Divorce attorney; Electric company; Excellence; F. T. Burns Middle School; Field trips; Football coaches; Foundation; Garfield T. Tandy; George Radford; Gerald Pointer; Grandparents; H. E. Floyd; Head coaches; Houses; Intellectual; Interracial dating; Lab technicians; Leadership; Legal process; Meetings; Murray State University; Nurses; Owensboro Hospital; Owensboro School System; Pastors; Physical education teachers; Principals; Promise; Public office; R. L. McFarland; Rental properties; Reverends; Roots; Rosie Tandy; Rough coaches; Roy Blanford; Samuel Tandy; School systems; Smoke-filled room; Social chameleon; Son swap; Soul food; Stanley Elementary School; Teammates; Teams; Tenth Street Missionary Baptist Church; Track; Travis Tandy; Trigg County High School; Trouble; University of Kentucky; Upward Bound Program; Villages

Subjects: African American athletes; African American coaches (Athletics); African American families; African American politicians.; Arulean (Ky.); Childhood; Education; Family histories.; Football.; Horse Cave (Ky.); Joliet (Ill.); Owensboro (Ky.); Segregation.; Teachers

00:50:45 - His time at Vanderbilt University

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Partial Transcript: And where'd you go when you left?

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses his time spent at Vanderbilt University as a student athlete as well as president of the Black Student Alliance and an intern in Washington, D.C. for a summer. He also discusses how he has been fortunate to not have to overcome as many obstacles as other people, such as Georgia Powers, when it came to achieving his goals.

Keywords: 21C Hotel; Agricultural products; American Bible College; Amnesia; Apartments; Beneficiary; Black Student Alliance; Black institutions; Campaigns; Capital; Craig Greenburg; Encouragement; Equipment; Experience; Fisk University; Football programs; Football scholarships; Football teams; Gerry DiNardo; Gratefulness; Greg Stumbo; Head coaches; History; Honor councils; Housing; Interns; Interviews; Jesse Jackson; Jody Richards; Judicial body; Larry Clark; Law schools; Lessons; Living rooms; Mail pieces; Mail rooms; Majority whip; Mistakes; Old school; Opportunity; Oxmoor Toyota; Paper; Past; Public officials; Public service; Questions; Raoul Cunningham; Research; Rule Committee; Russell office building; Senators; Smoke-filled room; Somebody; Sons; Southeastern Conference; Speaker of the House; State representatives; Story; Summer; Summer internships; Tandy Tobacco Plan; Teddy Kennedy; Tennessee State University; Treasures; University of Colorado; University of Notre Dame; Urban community; Vanderbilt University; Watson Brown; Wendell Ford; Yields

Subjects: African American athletes; African American coaches (Athletics); African American politicians.; African Americans--Politics and government; Culture shock.; Education; Football.; Integration; Louisville (Ky.); Nashville (Tenn.); Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923-

01:05:04 - His political family

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Partial Transcript: L, l, l, l, let's go somewhere 'cause I know we've had you for a while and we appreciate it.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy talks about meeting his wife, getting married, having children, and raising his children as a political family.

Keywords: African American outreach director; Augusta Radford; Avery Tandy; Bar exams; Barack Obama; Basketball; Bill Clinton; Campaigns; Caroline Tandy; Children; Colleges; Conservative; Conversations; County attorney; Couples; Democratic National Committee; Democratic National Conventions; Dress; Flowers; Galt House; Ghosts; Grandmothers; Homecoming; Hotels; Impressions; Inaugurations; Keith Wilson; Kennedy Tandy; Law schools; Memories; Michelle Obama; Model general assembly; Outfits; Parents; Presidents; Primary campaigns; Proposals; Rings; Schools; Screaming; Secret Service; Serious; Single; Solomon Tandy; Speeches; Steve Gold; Strathmore Art Museum; Training; Vases; Vegetables; Weddings; White House; Wife

Subjects: African American families; African American politicians.; African Americans--Politics and government; Careers; Elections; Louisville (Ky.); Marriage; Relationships.

01:19:04 - What he wants people to remember about him

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Partial Transcript: Many of the, uh, the members of the Hall of Fame, um, they are--I had--their, their--they look back.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses what he wants people listening to the interview in the future to take from his life. He talks about his philosophy on life and how he is raising his kids to want to be involved in politics, as well as taking time off from political positions to be with his kids so that they do not resent public service.

Keywords: Adults; Advice; Basketball teams; Better; Bingham Greenebaum Doll Law Firm; Campaign season; Caroline Tandy; City councils; Complaining; Concerns; Confidence; Councils; Country; Decisions; Director for diversity and inclusion; Eagles; Excellence; Fathers; Field trips; Give-and-take; Grandparents; Help; Husbands; Impact; Individuals; Kids; Law firms; Memory; Newspapers; Parents; Partnerships; Private practice; Public service; Races; Serve; Significant others; Texas Roadhouse; Turkeys; Values; Willie Bright; Woman; World

Subjects: African American families; African American politicians.; African Americans--Politics and government; Careers; Marriage

01:27:12 - Women's role in the civil rights movement

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Partial Transcript: Well, David Tandy, I thank you.

Segment Synopsis: Tandy discusses his opinion about the role of women in the civil rights movement as well as in making the world a better place.

Keywords: #MeToo Movement; Appreciation; Aspects; Batton; Boardrooms; Congress; Coretta Scott King; Economic development; Front lines; Gender equality; General assembly; Generations; History; Influence; Legal practice; March for Our Lives; Minority-owned businesses; Movements; Myrlie Evers; Parkland High School; Pay equity; Phases; Place; Roles; Rosa Parks; Sanitation workers; Struggle; Support; Tension; Well-being; Women; Work

Subjects: African American families; African American women civil rights workers.; African Americans.; Civil rights movements--United States; Leadership.