Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Ouida Tisdall, March 8, 2018

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Growing up with a physician and a nurse as parents

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Partial Transcript: Hi, this is Karen Clancy.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall tells the backgrounds of both of her parents, as well as how they came into their professions, and how they met each other. She also discusses what it was like growing up with two parents in the medical field.

Keywords: Antibiotics; Biltmore; Books; Calls; Cash; Catfish; Coal; Colleges; Conversations; Cumberland River; Cures; Dissection; Doctors; Eclampsia; Engagement; Fathers; Female; Free gratis; French; General Hospital; Germ theory; Hallways; Harvesting; Health insurance; High school examinations; Homeopathic doctors; Horses; Houses; Ice; Immunology; Internships; Local boys; Louisburg College; Lunches; Maple Street; Medical schools; Methodist ministers; Mothers; Nurses; Offices; Oil drums; Parents; Payments; Philosophy; Public schools; Records; Saw mills; Sheriffs; Siblings; Sister-in-law; Sixth grade; Southwestern Homeopathic Medical College; Summer breaks; Sweet potatoes; Telephones; Throat cancer; Tuberculosis; Tuberculosis sanatoriums; University of North Carolina

Subjects: Burgaw (N.C.); Childhood; Children of physicians; Marriage; Medicine.; Physicians (General practice); Pulaski County (Ky.); Rural conditions; Somerset (Ky.)

00:14:18 - Finding her way into medical school

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Partial Transcript: About--in the--I guess, when I was about six to seven years old, I started taking piano lessons.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall discusses how she came to find herself applying to medical school despite having various degrees in music. She also talks about meeting her husband and how traveling for his job helped point her in the direction of the medical field.

Keywords: Admissions offices; Ardis Hoven; Backgrounds; Biology; Cello; Chemistry; Christian Science Church; Churches; Cincinnati Conservatory; Colleges; Cradle Christian; Dean of admissions; Education classes; Eldgie Woods; Elementary music; Flute; Grade schools; High schools; Husbands; Interests; Interviews; Junior high schools; Kindergarten; Math; Medical schools; Microbiology; Music degrees; Music departments; Music supervisors; Nobel Peace Prize; Nursing schools; Opportunities; Piano; Piano lessons; Piano performances; Prayer meetings; Pre-med courses; Science; University of Illinois; University of Kentucky; University of Pennsylvania Press; University of Pittsburgh; Violin; Waiting lists

Subjects: Education; Education, Higher--Kentucky; Lexington (Ky.); Music; Musicians; Pittsburgh (Pa.); University of Kentucky. College of Medicine

00:25:26 - Her medical education

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Partial Transcript: But, anyway, so we started off and, and, you know, I, I--it was, it was fine.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall briefly discusses her medical school, internship, and residency years. She also talks about her husband passing away, as well as trying to show her dedication to the medical experience she was gaining.

Keywords: Attending; Attitudes; Boards; CT scans; Clerkships; Clinical years; Competitive; Dr. Cornelia Wilbur; Electives; Embryology; Emergency rooms; Fever; Funerals; General surgery; Giving; Histology; Home life; Hospitals; Human behavior; Husbands; Instruction; Interesting; Internships; MRI; Medical schools; Meetings; Mentors; Office doors; Patients; Psychiatry; Radiology; Residency; Rotations; Sciences; Specialty; Studying; Surgeons; Tests; Tutoring; Ultrasounds; University of Kentucky; Urology

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Medicine.; Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:36:21 - The Lexington Clinic

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Partial Transcript: Then the time comes, you know, at the end of your residency...

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall talks about beginning her career as a radiologist at the Lexington Clinic. She discusses the discrimination she ran into while trying to attain the job as well as during her career there. She also mentions referring Ardis Hoven to her boss as a potential member of the Lexington Clinic team.

Keywords: Accomplishments; Ardis Hoven; Attendings; Barium studies; Breast demonstration projects; Cases; Chairman; Colleagues; Criteria; Departments; Doctors; Films; Fit-in; Girls; Infectious diseases; Internal medicine; Jobs; Lexington Clinic; Lexington Clinic East; Mammography; Neuro procedures; Noon conferences; Offers; On-call; Organize; Outpatient facility; Patients; Pests; Postcards; Problems; Radiology; Ridiculous; Schedules; Smarter; UK Good Samaritan Hospital; University of Kentucky; View boxes; Women; Working relationships

Subjects: Careers; Lexington (Ky.); Medicine.; Physicians (General practice); Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:46:16 - Mentors throughout her life

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Partial Transcript: Okay, for just a minute, um, let's, let's go back and talk about your college years.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall discusses her undergraduate years where she met her friend Faye Gibson and which also inspired her, years later, to go to medical school. She also talks about some of the mentors that she has had throughout her life, being a mentor herself, as well as advice that she would relay to educators.

Keywords: Applications; Bachelor's degrees; Chemistry; Churches; Classmates; College English; Colleges; Compositions; Connect; Dinners; Dr. Cornelia Wilbur; Dr. Nathaniel Patch; Educators; Experience; Faculty; Faye Gibson; GI Bill; High schools; John Whittaker; Master's degrees; Medical schools; Money; Music departments; Music theory; Neighbors; Piano; Psychiatry; Radiology; Recitals; Rumors; Sessions; Students; Studying; Sybil; Tutoring; University of Kentucky; World War II

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Health.; Medical education; Music; Musicians; Teachers; Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:55:26 - Her second marriage

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Partial Transcript: So, since then--just sort of fast forward a little bit--you remarried.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall discusses meeting her second husband through a mutual friend, as well as the rapid decline in his health and the fight to keep him alive for many years. She talks about taking care of him and the outside support she received while doing so.

Keywords: Aneurysm repairs; Aneurysms; Aorta; Calcification; Children; Cooks; Costume jewelry; Counseling; Dementia; Discomfort; Dissertations; Downhill; Dress shops; Drug stores; Fade away; Family; Heart attacks; Helpful; Housekeepers; Jewelry businesses; Mothers; Pharmacy; St. Joseph Hospital; Statistics; Sunday dinners; Support; Surgeons; Surgery; Totem poles; Ultrasounds; University of Kentucky; Vascular dementia; Vessels

Subjects: Careers; Death.; Families.; Marriage; Women physicians.

01:03:45 - Changes in the medical field

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Partial Transcript: When you think about your career and, and, you know, from 1970--or even before 1970 when you were in medical school--to today and you think about the developments in medicine and all the changes you've seen...

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall discusses the kinds of changes that she has witnessed within the medical field since she began medical school. She also highlights some of the better aspects of the old way of doing things and compares them to the new way. She also talks about the influence of women upon the medical community.

Keywords: Attention; Back; Better; Changes; Charting; Comfort; Compensation; Concepts; Courses; Desks; Diagnosticians; Doctors; Family life; Fathers; Fears; Goals; Hospitalists; Hospitals; Huge; Hurt; Individual care; Insurance; Intense; Involvement; Jobs; Leadership; Logging; Medical schools; Medicare; Music teachers; Opportunities; Organization; Patients; Practice; Pressure; Projects; Radiation; Radiology; Reading; Reasonable; Reimbursement; Residency; Rumors; Sad; Stethoscopes; Talk; Techniques; Technology; Thoughts; Tired; Training periods; Urinalysis; Waiting rooms; Women; Work schedules

Subjects: Change.; Medicine.; Physicians (General practice); Women in medicine; Women physicians.

01:16:12 - Retiring and reminiscing

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Partial Transcript: Dr. Tisdall, I apologize, but I just realized that, that, uh, I really didn't, uh, give you an opportunity to talk about retiring, uh, from the Lexington Clinic and what you did after that.

Segment Synopsis: Tisdall discusses retiring from the Lexington Clinic to help her husband take care of himself, as well as working part-time to help out the University of Kentucky. She also reminisces about her career and talks about her biggest accomplishment during it.

Keywords: Accomplishments; Biopsy; Breast demonstration projects; Calcification; Choirs; Closets; Examinations; Fun; Health; Internal medicine; Lexington Clinic; Mammograms; Mammography programs; Money; Music; Outsource; Patients; Pride; Residents; Resignation; Rotations; Screening; Seasoned; University of Kentucky; Vascular dementia; Work

Subjects: Careers; Physicians (General practice); Retirement.; Women in medicine; Women physicians.