Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Margaret Zumbiel Annis, April 6, 2018

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Family and background

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Partial Transcript: Hi, my name is Karen Clancy.

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses her family and their attitude towards the activities she was involved in. She talks about how she got involved with playing the harp, as well as how her interest in medicine was sparked by reading about the Mayo Clinic and hearing about an uncle on her mother's side who was a physician.

Keywords: Beer money; Blessing; Boy's schools; Brothers; Catholic schools; Chemistry; Colleges; Cousins; Dinner music; Doctors; Educators; Gatherings; Girl's schools; Harp; High schools; History; Holidays; Judges; Math; Mayo Clinic; Medical schools; Medicine; Notes; Nuns; Packaging company; Parents; Piano; Pre-med; Professional harpists; Recitals; Science; Sister Julie Claire; Sisters; Sisters of Notre Dame; Skills; Subjects; Summit Country Day School; Symphonies; Teachers

Subjects: Careers; Childhood; Cincinnati (Ohio); Education; Families.; Fort Mitchell (Ky.); Music.

00:08:58 - Her undergraduate experience

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Partial Transcript: So, when you, uh--you went to--did you go to UK?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses the classes that she took during her undergraduate career, as well as two people who pushed her to do her best throughout her time at Spring Hill College. She also talks about performing with the music department in various recitals and ensembles.

Keywords: Advisers; Challenger; Chemistry; Choirs; Comparative anatomy; Courses; Dr. Alfred Hemphill; Environment; Genetics; Girl's schools; Harp; Jesuit schools; Marine biologists; Mobile Symphony; Music directors; Music education; Organic chemistry; Parasitology; Personalities; Pre-med programs; Reasons; Recitals; Science; Sentences; Slides; Specimens; Spring Hill College; Statements; Stern; Talent shows; Teachers; Term papers; Tests; University of the South; Xavier University

Subjects: Education, Higher.; Mobile (Ala.); Music; Pre-medical education; Undergraduate; Undergraduate college students

00:18:20 - Medical school--The classroom years

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Partial Transcript: So, when, when you decided to go to medical school--y, you did pre-med, how did you wind up at UK?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses the interview process for getting accepted into medical school, as well as why she chose the University of Kentucky. She also talks about her first two years in medical school that revolved around learning the science behind the medicine in a classroom environment.

Keywords: Anesthesiology; Biochemistry; Body builders; Classes; Classrooms; Doctors; Dr. Marion Karns; Embryology; Excited; Expenses; Grading systems; Gross anatomy; Harp; IBM cards; Interviews; Marquette University; Medical schools; Music; Pediatricians; Positive; Practical exams; Private practices; Radiologists; Ray Cook; Rolls-Royce; Salesman; Scared; Science; Sexual education; Students; Study cubicals; Study groups; Studying; Summer projects; University of Kentucky; University of Louisville

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Medicine--study and teaching; Physicians (General practice); Travel.; University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:25:35 - Medical school--Clinical clerkships

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Partial Transcript: So, when you started your, um, clinical clerkships--

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses the second part of medical school at the University of Kentucky, which consists of clinical clerkships that allow for medical students to rotate through different areas of medicine.

Keywords: Alcohol; Anesthesia; Angry; Barbiturates; Blood; Cafeterias; Classrooms; Clean; Clinical clerkships; Detox; Dr. Cornelia Wilbur; Environmental control; Experiences; Friends; Gifts; Little Bit; Multiple personalities; Obstetrics; Patients; Psychiatry; Psychiatry wards; Racetracks; Rotations; Schizophrenia; Surgery; Veteran's hospitals; World War I veterans

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Medicine--study and teaching; University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:32:15 - Her internship years

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Partial Transcript: Now, where'd you do your internship?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses some experiences that she had during her internship year, as well as how she decided where she wanted to do her residency. She also talks about the importance of empathy when working with patients.

Keywords: Anesthesia; Anesthesiologists; CPR; Chaplains; Electrocardiogram; Emergency rooms; Empathetic; Experience; Experiences; Heart attacks; Husbands; Internships; Jackson Memorial Hospital; Medical directors; Obstetric rotations; On-call; Patients; Practice; Private hospitals; Programs; Residency; Residents; Responsibility; Riverside Methodist Hospital; Satisfaction; Sympathetic; Teaching hospitals; Tough; Valium

Subjects: Columbus (Ohio); Medical education; Miami (Fla.); Physicians (General practice)

00:39:33 - Her residency

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Partial Transcript: So, tell me about your residency.

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses her residency and how the Emergency Medical Services were instated while she was working there, which allowed the physicians-in-training to ride along with them on calls. She also talks about meeting and marrying her husband, Paul Annis.

Keywords: Administration; Anesthesia; Articles; Chief residents; Dating; Diabetic comas; Emergency Medical Services (EMS); Fire departments; Fire rescue; Friends; Instructors; Jackson Memorial Hospital; Lectures; Outcomes; Paramedics; Patients; Paul Annis; Research; Residency; Residents; Sub-specialty; Surgical ICU; Surgical lounges; Teaching institutes; Tests; Training; Trucks

Subjects: Marriage; Medical education; Medicine--study and teaching; Physicians (General practice); Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:47:36 - Being a woman in medicine

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Partial Transcript: So, tell me about the early years of your career.

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses what it was like being a women in medicine throughout her medical education.

Keywords: Anesthesia; Attractive; Cases; Classmates; Community; Discrimination; Engines; Enrollment; Fire rescue; Firemen; Firetrucks; Interviews; Jackson Memorial Hospital; Medical care; Medical schools; Miami Health Institute; Money; Patients; Peers; Ping pong; Ponytails; Pool; Professional experience; Professors; Residency; Wheelchairs

Subjects: Careers; Medical education; Medicine.; Miami (Fla.); Physicians (General practice); Women in medicine; Women physicians.

00:56:44 - Having a family

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Partial Transcript: At what point did you start having your family?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses having a large family and the struggles that she faced in caring for her children. She talks about returning to work and how she and her husband handled that in terms of their children. She also mentions her turn to teaching so that she could have a regular schedule to spend time with her children.

Keywords: 'Do no harm'; Advantages; Amniotic bands; Anesthesiologists; Call schedules; Cases; Children; Community; Conflicts; Demanding; Difficult; Disadvantages; Family dynamics; Family entity; Illnesses; Jackson Memorial Hospital; Male culture; Meningococcal Meningitis; Nurses; Oaths; Operating rooms; Opportunities; Parents; Patients; Perspectives; Private practices; Residency; Responsibility; Surgeons; Teacher of the year; Techs; VA hospital; William Annis

Subjects: Careers; Families.; Medicine--study and teaching; Physicians (General practice); Women physicians.

01:04:17 - Her feelings towards her path in life

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Partial Transcript: --(Annis laughs)--So, what would you say your biggest achievements are in your career?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses how she views her life and how she wants others to remember her. She also talks about something that she would change, and her adventure with learning Taekwondo with her daughter.

Keywords: Achievements; Anesthesia; Anesthesiologists; Awareness; Company; Concerns; Decent person; Difficulties; Discrimination; Events; Hospital food; Influences; Interviewers; Jobs; Karate Kid; Medical field; Medical schools; Patience; Patients; Personally related; Professions; Taekwondo; Tougher; Training; Worries

Subjects: Careers; Change.; Medicine.; Physician and patient.; Physicians (General practice); Women in medicine; Women physicians.

01:11:13 - Some final thoughts about her career

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember the point in time where you felt like you were a doctor all of a sudden?

Segment Synopsis: Annis discusses the moment when she truly felt that she was a doctor, as well as how she came to retire, her harp playing after retirement, and she tells a story that illustrates the importance of doctor/patient relationships.

Keywords: Anesthesiologists; Antibiotics; Attorney; Car repair services; Chief residents; Churches; Compliments; Critical situations; Dignity; Doctors; Faculty; Friends; Grateful; Harp; Home healthcare; Interns; Ministry; Oaths; Pre-op; Professions; Septic; Surgery; William Annis

Subjects: Children of physicians; Medicine.; Physician and patient.; Physicians (General practice); Retirement.; University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women physicians.