Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Bill Yates, April 1, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: Hello, I'm Bob Webster for the International Bluegrass Music Museum and I'm visiting with my friend Bill Yates today.

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses his childhood growing up in rural Virginia. His father was a coal miner and the family played instruments for entertainment. During World War II, Yates and his family moved to Washington, D.C. so that his father could become a streetcar operator.

Keywords: Accordions; Adventure; Ambitious; Appalachia; Bad; Banjos; Bill Monroe (Artist); Black Lung disease; Bus; Bus driver; Car; Charlie Monroe (Artist); Clawhammer banjo style; Close; Company store; Decision; Difficult; Entertainment; Exciting; Family; First television; Gospel music; Great Depression; Guitars; Hard times; Harmony guitar; Hazel Dickens (Artist); If the World Had a Front Porch (Song); Leaving; Mandolins; Moving; Musical instruments; Opportunities; Paycheck; Record player; Resources; Self-taught; Similar; Sold; Steel guitars; Steering wheel; Streetcar operator; Television stations; Test pattern; The Stoneman Family (Artist); Trade; World War II

Subjects: Arlington (Va.); Chance; Childhood; Church; Coal miners; Coal mines and mining; Corn; Cows; Crops; Death; Depressions--1929; Early life; Families; Farms; Father; Flour; Grand ole opry (Radio program); Health; Listening; Lungs; Manassas (Va.); Money; Music; Musicians; Pontiac automobile; Radio; Risk; Rural; Sharecroppers; Singing; Sister; Songs; Studebaker automobile; Survival; Television; Uncles; Virginia; Washington (D.C.); World War, 1939-1945

00:07:17 - Life in Manassas, Virginia

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Partial Transcript: And I'm thinking about your settling in Manassas there.

Segment Synopsis: Yates recalls what Manassas was like when he was growing up.

Keywords: Bill Carlisle (Artist); Bill Emerson (Artist); Bungalow; Driving; Jimmy Martin (Artist); John Duffey (Artist); Little Jimmy Dickens (Artist); Live music; Met; Old Dominion Park (Manassas, Va.); Quaint; Racetrack; Small town; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); U.S. Army

Subjects: Arlington (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Childhood; Drag racing; Education; Falls Church (Va.); Geography; Growth; Manassas (Va.); Music; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Nineteen fifties; Nineteen forties; Rural; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.; Walking; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:09:41 - Military service

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Partial Transcript: Now a moment ago we talked about your time in the service. I think 1952, you joined the Air Force and ended up--uh--with some time in Japan and Korea.

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses his military service in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

Keywords: Airman's club; Autograph; Band; Bobby Osborne (Artist); Discharged; Entertainment; Guitar players; Guitars; Hot; Jim McReynolds (Artist); Korean poster; Leaving; Overseas; Paul Williams (Artist); Plane; Released; Return; Shaw Air Force Base (S.C.); Sonny Osborne (Artist); Uniforms

Subjects: Age; Airplanes; Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Bolling Air Force Base (Washington, D.C.); Brother; Experience; Galax (Va.); Hawaii; Japan; Korean War, 1950-1953; Lackland Air Force Base (Tex.); Mechanics; Military; Music; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; San Antonio (Tex.); South Carolina; South Korea; Time; Training; Travel; United States. Air Force; Washington (D.C.); Weather; West Virginia; Winter; Young

00:12:59 - Life after the Air Force

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Partial Transcript: So you come back, you get out of the Air Force about 1956, I think you said.

Segment Synopsis: Yates describes what his life was like after his military service. During this time, Yates lived and worked as an auto mechanic in Northern Virginia, playing music with his brother on the weekends.

Keywords: Banjo players; Banjos; Bars; Bass players; Bassists; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bill Harrell (Artist); Bluegrass music; Brother-in-law; Cars; Country Gentlemen, the (Artist); Country music; Guitar players; Guitars; Hired; Illness; Interested; Jimmy Martin (Artist); Job; Live performances; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Mechanic; Moving; Osborne Brothers (Artist); Playing; Porter Church (Artist); Red Allen (Artist); Red Allen and the Yates Brothers (Artist); Return; Service manager; Stage; Unknown; WWBA Jamboree; Wayne Yates (Artist); Weekends

Subjects: Arlington (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Falls Church (Va.); Father; Health; Military; Music; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Nashville (Tenn.); Nineteen fifties; Nineteen sixties; Sick; Singers; Singing; Telephone calls; Travel; Work

00:17:25 - Influence of the Country Gentlemen / The Clinch Mountain Ramblers

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Partial Transcript: And what was the big attraction--uh--for you watching the Country Gentlemen?

Segment Synopsis: Yates considers the influence of the Country Gentlemen on his music. Yates also discusses a band he formed with his brother, called the Clinch Mountain Ramblers.

Keywords: Audience; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bluegrass music; Brother-in-law; Capacity; Chicken wire; Control; Country music; Guitar players; Guitars; Honky­tonk music; Interested; Liked; Local; Loved; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Not allowed; Old Dominion Park (Manassas, Va.); Porter Church (Artist); Restaurant; Self-taught; Small; The Clinch Mountain Ramblers (Artist); The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Wayne Yates (Artist)

Subjects: Alexandria (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Listening; Manassas (Va.); Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Musicians; Parties; Safety; Songs; Unions; Virginia

00:20:41 - Red Allen / Roy Clark

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Partial Transcript: So, take us back now to where Red Allen comes into the picture there.

Segment Synopsis: Yates describes his musical collaborations with Red Allen and Roy Clark.

Keywords: Audio recording studios; Banjo players; Banjos; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bill Harrell (Artist); Bluegrass music; Buck Ryan (Artist); Buzz Busby (Artist); Cars; Chubby Wise (Artist); Clinch Mountain Ramblers (Artist); Cloggers; Connections; Country music; Dale McCurry (Artist); Different; Driving; Dub Howington (Artist); Entertainer; Excited; Fiddle players; Fiddles; First country album; First time; Guitar players; Guitars; Hired; Hotel; Jimmy Dean (Artist); Jimmy Martin (Artist); Late; Leaving; Liked; Melodian Records; Nail; Never met; Osborne Brothers (Artist); Pete Kuykendall (Artist); Productive; Red Allen (Artist); Red Allen and the Kentuckians (Artist); Red Allen and the Yates Brothers (Artist); Rhythm; Roy Clark (Artist); Smitty Irwin (Artist); Television shows; The Virginians (Artist); Visiting; WARL (Radio station); Wayne Yates (Artist); Wheeling Jamboree (Radio program)

Subjects: Albums; Alexandria (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Duct tape; Experience; Fairfax (Va.); Falls Church (Va.); Georgetown (Washington, D.C.); Glen Echo (Md.); Good; Kentuckians; Key West (Fla.); Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Names; Nashville (Tenn.); New York (N.Y.); North Carolina; Rain; Record labels; Singing; Sound; Square dancing; Time; Transportation; Travel; Trio; Virginia; Washington (D.C.); Water

00:27:22 - Work with Jimmy Martin / Paul Williams

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Partial Transcript: Okay, and so we're up to your--uh--the Jimmy Martin years here.

Segment Synopsis: Yates recalls his work with Jimmy Martin and Paul Williams. Yates also tells a story of his efforts to repair a tour bus belonging to Flatt and Scruggs.

Keywords: American Banjo: Scruggs Style (Album); Appearances; Attitude; Audience; Bassists; Big country; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bill Monroe (Artist); Bluegrass music; Box set; Broke down; Bus; Busted piston; Clean; Clothes; Copying; Coughing; Country music; Crowds; Dates; Dominating; Driver; Earl Scruggs (Artist); Effort; Enjoyed; Entertainer; Evening; Exacting standards; Excited; Funny; Gasket set; Generous; Got along; Guest; Help; Inferiority complex; Instrumentals; J.D. Crowe (Artist); Junkyard; Lake Champlain; Leaving; Lester Flatt (Artist); Methods; Motor; Musical instruments; Nice; No torque range; Paul Williams (Artist); Piercing; Projection; Promoter; Ranch; Recording sessions; Reno and Smiley (Artist); Reunion; Saved; Sense of humor; Serious; Sherman tanks; Standing ovations; Style; Tailpipe; Talking; Trouble; Wheeling Jamboree (Radio program); You Are My Sunshine (Song)

Subjects: Albums; Applause; Asthma; Bluegrass festivals; Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Cost; East Stroudsburg (Pa.); Friend; Grand ole opry (Radio program); Hermitage (Tenn.); Learning; Mail; Mechanics; Money; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Musicians; Nashville (Tenn.); Neighbors; New England; New Hampshire; Nineteen sixties; Oil; Persona; Personality; Salem (Va.); Selling; Singing; Smoke; Songs; Successful; Time; Travel; Understanding; Voice; Volume

00:37:01 - Flatt and Scruggs stories / First recording

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Partial Transcript: While we were getting set up there, Bill remembered some Flatt and Scruggs stories that he wanted to share with us.

Segment Synopsis: Yates remembers some interesting stories of his time spent playing with Flatt and Scruggs. Yates discusses the circumstances behind the first recording of his music.

Keywords: Airport; Audio recording studios; Banjo players; Banjos; Barefoot; Basement; Beat; Before; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bill Harrell (Artist); Bluegrass Unlimited (Magazine); Bluegrass music; Bus; Cash label; Clinch Mountain Ramblers (Artist); Close; Country music; Curly Seckler (Artist); Cussing; Earl Scruggs (Artist); Exposure; Flatt and Scruggs (Artist); Founders; Friends; Hot; House; Illness; Jimmy Martin (Artist); Late; Lester Flatt (Artist); Liked; Metal steps; Neat; Nervous; Office; Pete Kuykendall (Artist); Rare; Record label; Roller rink; Sitting; Stage; Sunday; Takeover; Tempo; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Tours; Traditional; Truck stop; Wayne Yates (Artist); Wife; Yates Brothers (Artist)

Subjects: Alexandria (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Centreville (Va.); Cigarettes; Clubs; Falls Church (Va.); Health; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Nashville (Tenn.); Night; Nineteen sixties; Radio stations; Record labels; Smoking; Songs; Time; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:42:51 - Booking shows

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Partial Transcript: How was the booking done in those days? I'm sure it probably wasn't as--uh--sophisticated as it might be today.

Segment Synopsis: Yates describes the process behind booking shows during the initial stages of his music career.

Keywords: Bluegrass music; Busy; Club; Country music; Emerson, Bill (Artist); Free meal; Informal; Jimmy Martin (Artist); Mac Wiseman (Artist); Microphone; No contracts; Old Dominion Park (Manassas, Va.); Packed; Paul Williams (Artist); Proceeds; Sold; Stonewall Jackson (Artist); The Clinch Ramblers (Artist); Tips; Visiting; Weekends; Yates Brothers (Artist)

Subjects: Alexandria (Va.); Beer; Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Chance; Fairfax (Va.); Georgetown (Washington, D.C.); Handbags; Manassas (Va.); Money; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; People; Selling; Sister; Songs; Virginia; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:45:46 - Work with Bill Monroe

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Partial Transcript: Is the--uh--the next band is your--is your time with Bill Monroe?

Segment Synopsis: Yates describes his work and friendship with Bill Monroe.

Keywords: Agreed; Appreciative; BBQ; Bass; Bed; Bill Monroe (Artist); Bluegrass music; Boot; Borrow; Built; Bunks; Charlie Monroe (Artist); Country music; Curves; Cut; Downtown; Driving; Eddie Adcock (Artist); Engine; Expectations; Familiar; Farm truck; Faucet; Feedback; Flex bus; Floor; Forrester, Howdy (Artist); Free; Gear shift; Generator; Generous; Gone; Good experience; Ground; Horse; Hose; House; Howdy Forrester (Artist); Injury; Inside; James Monroe (Artist); Jimmy Martin (Artist); Lake; Late; Leak; Leaving; Left; Lester Flatt (Artist); Lights; Liked; Lounge; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Material; Moving; Nice; Noticed; Oak Ridge Boys (Artist); Park; Pocket knife; Purchased; Repairs; Show; Sleeping bag; Slow; Snack bar; Steps; Tent show; Touring car; Towns; Trailer; Treatment; Tunes; Updates

Subjects: Air conditioning; Air pressure; Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Books; Boone (N.C.); Children; Cold; Ethics; Father; Friendship; Hendersonville (Tenn.); Hoofs; Indianapolis (Ind.); Limousines; Livestock; Loyalty; Lumber; Mechanics; Money; Mountains; Mules; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Nashville (Tenn.); Running; Songs; Telephone calls; Tennessee; Values; Virginia; Work; Work ethic

00:54:40 - Recordings with Bill Monroe

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Partial Transcript: And one of the other things that I want Bill to make sure he--uh--tells us about is some of the recordings you did with Bill.

Segment Synopsis: Yates details some of the recordings he made with Bill Monroe.

Keywords: Agreed; Bill Monroe (Artist); Bluegrass music; Circumstances; Country music; Decision; Fiddlers; Fiddles; Going up Canyon (Song); Instrumentals; James Monroe (Artist); Job offer; Kenny Baker (Artist); Lead; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Moving; Music video; Parts; Range; Recording studios; Red Taylor (Artist); Rual Yarbough (Artist); Son; Stayed; Stories; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Wayne Yates (Artist); Yates Brothers (Artist)

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Change; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Records.; Singing; Songs.; Sound recordings.; Sound--Recording and reproducing; Virginia

00:57:06 - The Country Gentlemen

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Partial Transcript: Somewhere in 1969 you have joined the Country Gentlemen.

Segment Synopsis: Yates recalls his time spent playing with the Country Gentleman during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Yates explains why he turned down an offer to play in the U.S. Navy band and leave the Country Gentlemen. Yates also discusses different band members and how they came to join the Country Gentlemen.

Keywords: Accepted; Adcock, Eddie (Artist); Agreed; Album; Audio recording; Barn; Bass players; Big band; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bluegrass music; Boss; Bus; Charlie Waller (Artist); Country music; Decision; Different; Disinterested; Dobros; Doyle Lawson (Artist); End; Enjoyed; Exams; Familiar; Fired; First show; Fun; Generations; Graduation; Hired; House; J.D. Crowe (Artist); Jerry Douglas (Artist); Jimmy Gaudreau (Artist); Kentucky Mountain Boys (Artist); Leaving; Mail carrier; Met; Minnie Pearl (Artist); Offer; Overage; Petty officer; Post office; Problems; Ralph Stanley (Artist); Recording sessions; Refused; Return; Ricky Skaggs (Artist); Service area; Shows; Summer break; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Together; Touring; Unsure; Vanguard Recordings; Wayne Yates (Artist); Wayne Yates and Company (Artist); Yates Brothers (Artist)

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Brother; Change; Columbus (Ohio); Credit; Dumfries (Va.); Experience; Father; Gatlinburg (Tenn.); High school; Japan; Lancaster (Pa.); Lexington (Ky.); Manassas (Va.); Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Musicians; Nashville (Tenn.); New Jersey Turnpike (N.J.); Nineteen seventies; Nineteen sixties; November; Opportunity; Partnership; Songs; Successful; Telephone calls; Television; Thanksgiving; Travel; Tysons Corner (Va.); United States. Navy; Virginia; Warren (Ohio); Work; Young

01:05:55 - Change in style of the Country Gentlemen

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Partial Transcript: So, I think the Country Gentlemen's--uh--repertoire or whatever you wanna call it changed somewhat with you, Doyle, Charlie and--um--and Bill...

Segment Synopsis: Yates illustrates how the Country Gentlemen changed in its style when Bill Emerson arrived with his unique banjo-playing style.

Keywords: Added; Arrangement; Attempt; Award; Banjo players; Banjos; Bill Emerson (Artist); Bluegrass music; Bobby Osborne (Artist); Casey's Last Ride (Song); Cliff Waldon (Artist); Consequences; Country music; Dick Freeland (Artist); Different; Different direction; Don Reno (Artist); Early period; Eddie Adcock (Artist); Fit; Fox on the Run (Song); Harmony singing; High note; Impact; Instrumentals; Kitchen; Legend of the Rebel Soldier (Song); Low lead; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Meryl Travis (Artist); Never released; Paradise (Song); Quicksilver; Regular lead; Requests; Signature songs; Singer; Single; Special; Style; Talent; Teach Your Children (Song); Tenor; The Beatles (Artist); The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Waiting; Washington D.C. Bluegrass Union; Yesterday (Song)

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Change; Chords (Music); Humor; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Nashville (Tenn.); Nineteen seventies; Oklahoma; Recognition; Record labels; Singing; Songs; Unique; United States. Navy; Washington (D.C.); Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)

01:12:12 - Memories of the Country Gentlemen

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Partial Transcript: While we're still on the Country Gentlemen, in previous sessions with you...

Segment Synopsis: Yates recalls some interesting stories of traveling with the Country Gentlemen.

Keywords: Accelerator; Angry; Bathroom; Bed; Bluegrass music; Bus; Charlie Waller (Artist); Clothes; Country music; Driving; Far away; Floor; Greyhound bus; Jeans; Left; Lights; No heat; Pay; Propane heat; Pulled over; Put out; Shave; Shirt; Shower curtain; Slippers; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Touring; Truck stop; Turned around; Warm

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Breezewood (Pa.); Cold; Feet; Fire; Fuel; Home; Mattresses; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Privacy; Snow; Telephone calls; Travel; Walking; Weather; Worcester (Ma.)

01:15:52 - International tours / Impact of Country Gentlemen on his career

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Partial Transcript: One other story you told me was--um--the tour in Japan.

Segment Synopsis: Yates describes trips to Japan, Switzerland, and England he took while on an international tour with the Country Gentlemen. Yates assesses the impact of being a part of the Country Gentlemen on his music career.

Keywords: 25th anniversary album; Audience; Auditorium; Bass; Bassists; Beat; Bill Clifton (Artist); Bluegrass music; Charlie Waller (Artist); Concerts; Country music; Different; Don Reno (Artist); Dressing room; Enjoyed; Excited; Famous; Flatt and Scruggs (Artist); Fun; Help; Hiroshima (Japan); Hit song; Illness; Jack Cooke (Artist); Leveled; Live recording; Name; Never released; Newspaper; Pinky ring; Ralph Stanley (Artist); Rare; Re-building; Rebel Soldier (Song); Recording sessions; Red Smiley (Artist); Restaurant; Riot; Shows; Smiley, Red (Artist); Sold out; Stability; Stage; Stanley Brothers (Artist); Stayed; Style; Talent; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Touring; Tunes; Two Little Boys (Song); Unsure; VIP; Winter Olympics; Words; World War II; Yokohama (Japan)

Subjects: Autographs; Bern (Switzerland); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Career; Change; Death; Economic development; England; English; Enthusiasm; Food; Health; Hiroshima-shi (Japan)--History--Bombardment, 1945; Identification; Independence; International travel; Japan; Japanese; Matterhorn (Switzerland and Italy); Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Night; Nineteen fifties; Nineteen seventies; Olympics; Opportunity; Osaka (Japan); Population; Singing; Songs; Sound; Tokyo (Japan); Train; United States; United States. Air Force; Voice; World War, 1939-1945

01:22:45 - Bus work / Album with his brother

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Partial Transcript: Okay, you leave the Country Gentlemen after twenty years and then what did you do?

Segment Synopsis: Yates talks of his work as a bus driver working for a bus charter company. Yates describes the album he made with his brother later in life.

Keywords: Aneurism; Annoying; Bluegrass music; CDs; Charter company; Commuter bus; Country Gentlemen, the (Artist); Country music; Enjoyed; Finish; Hospital; In charge; Lawsuits; Leaving; Purchase; Recording sessions; Release; Sold; Special; Stop; Together; Tour companies; Uniform; Wayne Yates (Artist); Yates Brothers (Artist)

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Branson (Mo.); Brother; Bus drivers; Buses; Cancer; Charters; Commuters; Congestive heart failure; Death; Experience; Fredericksburg (Md.); Friend; Health; Memories; Mother; Mountains; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; New York (N.Y.); Sister; Vertigo

01:26:41 - Country Gentlemen Tribute Band

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Partial Transcript: You've--uh--created the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band.

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses his work with the Country Gentleman Tribute Band in recent years.

Keywords: Agreed; Arrangement; Audio recording studios; Bed; Bill Grisman (Artist); Bluegrass music; CDs; Charlie Waller (Artist); Convinced; Country music; Darren Beachley (Artist); David Propst (Artist); Dobros; Driving; East Virginia Blues (Song); Fun; Gospel music; Grey's Mountain (Song); I'd Rather Live by the Side of the Road (Song); Jam sessions; Kevin Church (Artist); Lead; Lester Flatt (Artist); Little Bessie (Song); Loved; Mandolin players; Mandolins; Memorized; Mike Phipps (Artist); Natural; Original songs; Rare; Recitation; Recording sessions; Redwood Hill (Song); Rehearsal; Release party; Released; Resemblance; Revived; Rhythm; Second album; Shows; Signature song; Similar; Sitting; Son; Songwriters; Songwriting; Stopped; Surprised; The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band (Artist); Tour dates; Tribute album

Subjects: Albums; Arcadia (Md.); Berryville (Va.); Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Camping; Cracker Barrel (Firm); Death; Emotions; Hampton (Va.); Harmony; Heart--Surgery; Log cabins; Lyrics; Maryland; Materials; Music festivals; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Oklahoma; Pneumonia; Singing; Songs; Sound; Telephone calls; Tribute bands (Musical groups); Voice; West Virginia; Williamsburg (Va.)

01:34:41 - Accomplishments

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything that you wanted to do in bluegrass that you didn't get around to doing?

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses some of the awards and honors he has received throughout his music career.

Keywords: Accomplishments; Ambassador of Bluegrass; Bass; Bass Player of the Year; Bill Monroe (Artist); Bluegrass Unlimited (Magazine); Bluegrass music; Box set; Country music; Dressing room; Family; Fans; First show; Gospel music; Hall of Greats; Happy; Liked; Most requested songs; Nervous; Nominated; Offstage; Plans; Strange feeling; Suit; Thankful; The Country Gentlemen (Artist); Title; Update; Virginia Bluegrass Award; Virginia Music Hall of Fame & Museum; Volumes; Won

Subjects: Albums; Awards; Blessed; Bluegrass music.; Bluegrass musicians; Childhood; God; Grand ole opry (Radio program); Health; Life; Music--Performance.; Musical performance; Musicians; Nashville (Tenn.); New York (N.Y.); New York University; Notes; Radio; Satisfaction; Singing; Sister; Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America; Songs; Speech; Surprise; Travel; Virginia; Work; Young