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00:00:03 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: My name is Brenda Horton.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer introduces herself, the interviewee, and the Quilt Oral History Project that the interview is a part of out of Houston, Texas.

Keywords: Patty Cline; Quilt Oral History Project

Subjects: Houston (Tex.)

00:00:24 - Quilt patterns

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Partial Transcript: Patty, would you tell, tell me about the quilt you brought today?

Segment Synopsis: Cline talks about her favorite quilt patterns as well as how she creates templates for her quilts using tracing paper.

Keywords: American Quilter's Society (AQS); Block contest; Fabric; Feathered star; Feathers; International Quilt Festival; Marianne Fons; Mariner's compass; Marsha McCloskey; Nine patch; Pattern; Quilter's Guild of Dallas; Templates; Thread; Tracing paper

Subjects: Dallas (Tex.); Pennsylvania; Quilting--United States--Patterns.; Quilting.; Quilts--Design.; Quilts.; Washington (D.C.)

00:06:16 - Quilting as a hobby

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about your interest in quilting.

Segment Synopsis: Cline discusses how her interest in art began and how her quilting has been influenced by history. She shares her thoughts regarding quilting as a craft, as well as the respect she has for the individuals that have the ability to quilt on sewing machines. She sees herself as a traditional quilter because she prefers to hand sew her quilts rather than using a sewing machine.

Keywords: Cotton; Craft; Fabric; Feathered star; Gone with the Wind; Hand quilting; Hobbies; Hobby; Interest; Machine quilting; Old City Park; Old City Park Quilt Society; Old South; Quilter's Guild of Dallas; Traditional quilters; Wool

Subjects: Craft and art; Dallas (Tex.); History.; Quilting.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts in art

00:14:04 - Familial encouragement (competition, designs, etc.)

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Partial Transcript: Well, you see yourself as a traditional quilter. How does your family react to your quilting?

Segment Synopsis: Cline discusses the encouragement and support she receives from her family when it comes to her quilting. She talks about the seasonal quilts she has made for her family, what constitutes a ribbon-winning quilt in a competition, as well as her family's reaction to her quilts not receiving a ribbon. The enjoyment of quilting far exceeds the feeling of winning a ribbon for her and she would not stop quilting even if she never won another a ribbon. She shares some instances where her family has actually enhanced the quality of her quilts and discusses times when the quilt does not turn out as expected by her or her family.

Keywords: Christmas; Daughters; Display; Encouragement; Ergonomics; Fabric; Halloween; Husbands; Mary's block; Ribbons; Seasonal quilts; Second Chance Boutique; Spring; Texas Tech University; Traditional quilters

Subjects: Austin (Tex.); Competition.; Crafts & decorating; Family.; Houston (Tex.); Quilting--United States--Patterns.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts--Design.

00:21:55 - Design and skill advice

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Partial Transcript: Um, tell, tell me a little more about your design process.

Segment Synopsis: Cline goes a bit further into her design process for her quilts as well as shares some advice she would give an aspiring quilter in search of an increased amount of confidence and skill.

Keywords: Advice; Basics; Blocks; Confidence; Designs; Feathered star; Inspiration; Original ideas; Pattern worker; Photographs; Skills; Techniques; Templates; Workshops

Subjects: Fabrics; Quilting--United States--Patterns.; Quilting.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts--Design.; Quilts.

00:27:23 - Great quilts and great quilters

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Partial Transcript: What do you think makes a great quilt?

Segment Synopsis: Cline discusses what makes a great quilt and, subsequently, what makes a great quilter. She also talks about having multiple ongoing projects and she reiterates her love for handwork.

Keywords: Feathered star; Handwork; Log cabin; Machine quilting; Projects; Subjective; Visual impact

Subjects: Quilting.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts--Design.; Quilts.; Sewing machines.

00:30:09 - The art of quilting

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Partial Transcript: How do quilters learn the art of quilting, especially loving, um, loving what they do?

Segment Synopsis: Cline briefly talks about how quiltmakers fall in love with the art of quilting. She also delves into the uses of quilts, as well as the soothing effect that quiltmaking has on the quilters.

Keywords: Animals; Beauty; Company; Display; End product; Fabrics; Love; Machinery; Old City Park; Pleasure; Process; Studio; Texture; Therapy; Usage

Subjects: Dallas (Tex.); History.; Quilting--United States--Patterns.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts--Design.; Quilts.

00:37:24 - Her quilts as a reflection of herself

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Partial Transcript: In what way do quilts reflect who you are?

Segment Synopsis: Cline discusses how her quilts reflect who she is, and how she wants to be remembered in terms of life and her quilts.

Keywords: Love; Pleasure; Texas Tech University; Warmth

Subjects: Quilting.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts.

00:39:37 - Quilting competitions and future projects

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Partial Transcript: I noticed that you labelled this quilt very carefully on the back.

Segment Synopsis: Cline discusses the purpose for her labels on her quilts, as well as the awards she has won and the projects that she has in the works.

Keywords: Accomplishments; Awards; Basket quilts; Challenging; Christmas; Color combination; International Quilt Association; Labels; Paper piece baskets; Projects; Stars

Subjects: Austin (Tex.); Competition.; Dallas (Tex.); Houston (Tex.); Quilting.; Quiltmakers--United States.; Quilts--United States--Exhibitions.; Quilts.