Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Jeff Caldwell, Robert Caldwell, III, May 24, 2019

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Robert Caldwell Jr.'s family and beginnings in the horse industry

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Partial Transcript: Okay, this is Karen Lanier with the International Museum of the Horse.

Segment Synopsis: Brothers Jeff Caldwell and Robert Caldwell, III recall memories of their father's family and his beginnings in the horse industry.

Keywords: Bob McCray Whitney; Castleton Farm; Dodge Stables; Earl Teater; Family; Georgetown (Ky.); Knox County (Ky.); Lloyd Teater; Minton Hickory Farm

Subjects: American Saddlebred; Barbourville (Ky.); Families.; Hunters; Jumpers; Lexington (Ky.); Uncles

00:04:31 - An example of a typical work day

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Partial Transcript: Okay, um, so tell me a little bit more about what you remember about your dad--dad's work and you if, you know, you can start as early as you want or jump in anywhere.

Segment Synopsis: The brothers share their memories of a typical day working on a horse farm.

Keywords: Breeding season; Breeding shed; Castleton Farm; Cherished memories; Clean harness; Cleaning stalls; Feeding; Horse farms; Natural; Rub a horse out; Stud barn; Tweed feed sack

Subjects: American Standardbred; Horse breeding; Horses--Breeding; Studs

00:10:38 - Industry impact, values, and their father's legacy

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Partial Transcript: So I want to go--come back to this maybe, now, maybe later again, but you said it taught you a lot about life.

Segment Synopsis: The influences of the horse industry which have impacted their lives are discussed by the brothers. They also discuss their father's legacy and the values they learned from him.

Keywords: Bethel Ward; County fairs; Fathers; Good people; Gregory Pinion; Influence; Joe Pinion; Kentucky Futurities; Leadership; Legacy; Louisville (Ky.); Professional; Safety; State fairs; Temperament; Twitch

Subjects: Discipline; Horse grooms; Horse owners; Horse trainers; Respect; Travel; Weanlings

00:18:15 - Memories and their lives after leaving the horse industry

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Partial Transcript: So how connected do you still feel with the community today?

Segment Synopsis: The brothers tell of their lives after leaving the horse industry. They also share favorite horses and the memory of a 5-gaited championship.

Keywords: Abercrombie (American Standardbred horse); Barbourville (Ky.); Big topic; Bret Hanover (American Standardbred horse); Cap Stewart; Delightful Time (American Saddlebred horse); Drivers; Earl Teater; Factory; Favorite horses; Frank Bradshaw; Grocery; Keeneland; Kentucky State Fair; Local Talent (American Saddlebred horse); Money; My My (American Saddlebred horse); Roy Neal; Sallee Horse Vans; Star of the Show (American Saddlebred horse); Toyota Motor Manufacturing; Vanity Sensation (American Saddlebred horse); Windshield Wiper (American Standardbred horse); Wing Commander (American Saddlebred horse)

Subjects: 5-Gaited Championship; American Saddlebred; American Standardbred; Blacksmiths; Champion horses; Occupations

00:25:49 - Stories and tricks of the trade

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Partial Transcript: I've asked this in a different way but what do you, what do you feel like your, your Dad would be most proud of in his work?

Segment Synopsis: Robert Caldwell, III shares the story of Wing Commander's death. Both brothers speak about tricks of the trade regarding showing American Saddlebred horses.

Keywords: Best grooms; Braiding; Death; Hard work; Sisters; Wages; Wing Commander (American Saddlebred horse)

Subjects: Dedication; Dignity; Grooms; Horse grooms; Pride; Respect; Show; Story; Teamwork

00:32:01 - Lessons learned and changes in the industry

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Partial Transcript: How did any of that show up again in other careers that you've had?

Segment Synopsis: The brothers talk about the head start on life they received by working in the horse industry, as well as the changes they've seen in the industry.

Keywords: Castleton Farm; Christmas party; Claude Shiffley; Dedication; Earl Teater; Ed Teater; Hard work; Head start; Making a living; Mrs. Van Lennep; Ray Yoder

Subjects: American Saddlebred; American Standardbred; Gifts; Horse owners; Horse trainers; Horse training; Lessons; Responsibility; Values

00:40:11 - Mrs. Caldwell's role

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Partial Transcript: Could you talk a little bit about your mother?

Segment Synopsis: The brothers talk about the role their mother played and why they would or would not recommend kids today to enter the industry. They also give their opinions on the amount of recognition African American horsemen have received.

Keywords: Efficient; Kids; Teaching manners; Walnut Hall Stud Farm; Work

Subjects: African Americans in horse racing; Careers; Difficulty; Horsemen and horsewomen--Kentucky; Mothers; Recognition

00:48:42 - Traveling with horses / Generational differences

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Partial Transcript: Did y'all travel much with your, your horse world?

Segment Synopsis: Traveling with horses is discussed, along with differences between themselves in their twenties and young people today.

Keywords: Dillard Bledsoe; Driving; Geldings; Horse shows; Loading; Mares; Riding with horses; Roxie Bledsoe Caldwell; Stud horses; Willard Bledsoe

Subjects: Families.; Generational differences; Horses; Mothers; Owners; Traveling; Uncles; Vans