Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Phillip L. Jones, May 18, 2019

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Remembering his grandfather's career and his own beginning

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Partial Transcript: Okay, good afternoon, I'm Yvonne Giles and we are here today with a gentleman who is involved with the racing industry, owns--currently owns horses and races them.

Segment Synopsis: Jones tells about his grandfather's career in the horse industry and also how he got into the industry although his grandfather did not want him to choose this path.

Keywords: 1978-1979; Broadmore Farm; Broodmares; Co-owners; Grandfathers; Hal Snowden, Sr.; Keene Dangerfield; Lewis Brown; Marshall Andrew Hathaway; New York; The Stallion Station; Truck drivers

Subjects: Farm managers; Horse grooms; Horse racing; Horse trainers; Managers

00:03:35 - Racetracks and horses

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Partial Transcript: Where do you stable?

Segment Synopsis: Jones talks about where he stables his horses and the tracks where he's trained and raced with success.

Keywords: Charles Town (Charles Town, Wv.: Racetrack); Churchill Downs (Louisville, Ky.: Racetrack); Keeneland (Lexington, Ky.: Racetrack); Latonia (Covington, Ky.: Racetrack); Laurel (Laurel, Md.: Racetrack); Lexington Training Center; Penn National (Grantville, Pa.: Racetrack); Presque Isle (Erie, Pa.: Racetrack); River Downs (Cincinnati, Oh.: Racetrack)

Subjects: Racetracks (Horse racing); The Thoroughbred Center

GPS: The Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.096744, -84.420596
GPS: Former location of Latonia Race Track on Winston Avenue in Covington, Kentucky. Latonia Race Track no longer exists, the land is now a shopping center.
Map Coordinates: 39.044965, -84.505086
GPS: Former location of River Downs. It is now Belterra Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Map Coordinates: 39.051317, -84.410682
GPS: Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.203006, -85.770049
GPS: Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.046278, -84.607361
GPS: Charles Town Races in Charles Town, West Virginia
Map Coordinates: 39.297160, -77.851233
GPS: Presque Isle Downs in Erie, Pennsylvania
Map Coordinates: 42.068522, -80.030940
GPS: Penn National Race Course in Grantville, Pennsylvania
Map Coordinates: 40.394280, -76.660956
GPS: Laurel Park in Laurel, Maryland
Map Coordinates: 39.105802, -76.832236
00:06:13 - Breeding

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Partial Transcript: So you do some breeding?

Segment Synopsis: Jones explains why he likes to breed his own horses. He also shares the sad story of how his refusal to sell one of his winning horses resulted in someone harming that horse.

Keywords: Blacksmith; Churchill Downs (Louisville, Ky. : Racetrack); Farriers; Friends; Jackie Thompson; Jerry Berry Jack (Race horse); Jerry Sidney; Julius Berry; Proper care; Sales; Success

Subjects: Horse breeding; Horses--Breeding; Retaliation

GPS: Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.203006, -85.770049
00:09:42 - Training

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Partial Transcript: Do you ever get on them yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Jones explains how to train a horse.

Keywords: Breaking horses; Calm; Control; Marshall's Back (Race horse); Same person

Subjects: Colts; Fillies; Horse trainers; Horses--Training; Training; Yearling

00:14:15 - Jockeys and horses

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Partial Transcript: What happens when you have to hire another jockey?

Segment Synopsis: Jones explains how the "big name" trainers get the big name jockeys and the "little trainers" have to do the best they can with the second or third best jockeys.

Keywords: Bob Baffert; Daniel Core; Dean Merner; Disco Johnny (Race horse); I Can Still See You (Race horse); Little trainers; Mike Smith; Mount; Second-best jockeys; Success; Turfway Park (Florence, Ky.: Racetrack)

Subjects: Horse trainers; Jockey

GPS: Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 39.022628, -84.635671
00:20:33 - African American owners and trainers

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Partial Transcript: You don't need to name everybody, but give us a total of African Americans that you know currently are owners, trainers.

Segment Synopsis: Jones lists owners and trainers he has known and touches on his family's origins in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

Keywords: Bibb (Race horse); Chuck Hamilton; Dean Hayes; Isaac Hathaway; Larry Demerritt; Marshall Hathaway; Midway (Ky.); Mt. Sterling (Ky.); Oscar Dishman; Sculptors; Shane Demerritt

Subjects: African Americans; African Americans in horse racing; Horse trainers; Owners

GPS: Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.057256, -83.942856
00:23:05 - Final thoughts on the horse industry

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Partial Transcript: Summarize for us, why have you entered the business, why have you stayed, and what do you hope to achieve?

Segment Synopsis: Jones likes being a horse trainer and reflects on winning, breeding and selling horses.

Keywords: Derby aspirations; Ed Dudley Brown; He's Rising (Race horse); Jerry Berry Jack (Race horse); Likes it; Stan's Old Habits (Race horse)

Subjects: Breeding; Sales; Satisfaction; Success; Training; Value; Winning