Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Brenda Jackson, October 3, 2019

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Her early life and family

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Partial Transcript: Today is Thursday the third of October 2019.

Segment Synopsis: Brenda Jackson relates her early life, growing up in Midway and Huntertown in Woodford County, Kentucky.

Keywords: African American schools; Fathers; Huntertown, Woodford County (Ky.); Mothers; Simmons High School

Subjects: Midway (Ky.); Occupations; Parents; Versailles (Ky.)

GPS: Woodford County Courthouse in Versailles, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.052642, -84.730395
00:03:35 - Education and career

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Partial Transcript: Um, so where did you attend school growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson speaks about her education noting the schools she attended and a particularly influential teacher.

Keywords: Department of Education; Eastern Kentucky University; Frankfort (Ky.); Georgetown College; Midway (Ky.); Mrs. Rosarine Black; Scott County (Ky.); Teacher education

Subjects: Education; Post-secondary education

GPS: Midway University in Midway, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.144827, -84.677295
GPS: Alumni Coliseum at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 37.737526, -84.301147
GPS: Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.207105, -84.554510
00:07:43 - How the James Knox Polk project began

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Partial Transcript: You embarked on a, on a research project, um, regarding a man named James Knox Polk.

Segment Synopsis: Jackson explains how and why she began researching her husband's ancestor, James Knox Polk.

Keywords: Ancestors; Family history; James Knox Polk; Obituaries; Obituary; Research

Subjects: Polk, James Knox; Research

00:09:11 - What she discovered about Polk

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Partial Transcript: So what can you tell--can you tell us anything--did you find out anything about his early life?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson covers information about Polk from an obituary and other documents.

Keywords: Abraham Buford; Civil War; Confederate; Expert racehorse rider; Hostlers; Jockeys; Midway (Ky.); Obituaries; Obituary; Pilgrim Baptist Church; Slavery; Thoroughbred horses; U.S. Colored Troops

Subjects: Birth; Camp Nelson (Ky.); Death; Polk, James Knox; Slavery; U.S.C.T.; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.

GPS: Pilgrim Baptist Church in Midway, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.146594, -84.684754
GPS: Camp Nelson in Jessamine County, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 37.797392, -84.600776
00:14:45 - Polk's family

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Partial Transcript: So do you know anything about his, his parents or do you have any information on who they might have been or if maybe they were involved in the horse industry?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson tells how she found who Polk's mother was and why she believes he may have been a Buffalo Soldier.

Keywords: Children; Marriage certificates; Mothers; Obituaries; Post-Civil War; South Carolina; Texas; Woodford Sun (Newspaper)

Subjects: Camp Nelson (Ky.); Obituary; Polk, James Knox; South Carolina; Texas

00:19:19 - Polk's life after the Civil War

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Partial Transcript: Well so, when he did come back, um, did he come back--do you know what he did when he came back--er, to Kentucky?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson tells what she discovered about Polk's life in Kentucky after the Civil War.

Keywords: 12 children; Midway (Ky.); Ministry; Mortonsville (Ky.); Occupations; Pilgrim Baptist Church; Polk Memorial Church

Subjects: Churches; Family; Minister; Polk, James Knox

GPS: Polk Memorial Baptist Church in Woodford County, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 37.973515, -84.756897
GPS: Pilgrim Baptist Church in Midway, Kentucky
Map Coordinates: 38.146594, -84.684754
00:22:57 - Polk's children and his impact on the community

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Partial Transcript: Um, do you--have, have you done any research into those children to see if perhaps they were involved in the horse industry?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson relates information about Polk's sons and how well respected Polk was in the community.

Keywords: Bridge builder; Chicago (Ill.); Dr. John K. Polk; Henry O. Polk; Lee Christy Polk; Lexington (Ky.); Research; Reuben Polk; Successful; Well-respected

Subjects: Doctor of divinity; Doctors; Louisville (Ky.); Mechanics; Ministers; Polk, James Knox; Sons

00:27:13 - Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Are there other things about Mr. Polk's life that you think are relevant or that are important that you'd like to share with us that you've researched so far?

Segment Synopsis: Jackson tells about the Kentucky Historical Highway Markers the Polks are affiliated with and gives her thoughts on the life of James Knox Polk.

Keywords: Hardworking; Kentucky Historical Highway Markers; Polk Infirmary; Sons

Subjects: African American history; Historical markers--Kentucky; Polk, James Knox; Research