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Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 22, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Ray Smith's homing pigeons

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Partial Transcript: [Music] Sounds sort of like a warm spring Kentucky day down by the old fishing hole, doesn't it? It's a wonderful song from 1945, reprised here in the '90s as a way to say to tourists, "Come on down and visit us a while."

Segment Synopsis: Bastin introduces this issue of Pondering Kentucky and interviews Ray Smith about his homing pigeons. Smith talks about how he got into taking care of pigeons and his time in the military.

Keywords: Pigeon houses; Raising pigeons

Subjects: Homing pigeons.; Pigeon racing; Pigeons.; United States. Army Air Forces; Veterans

00:11:06 - Wine-making and the Monte Casino Chapel

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Partial Transcript: In September of 1865, Dr. Joseph Bradford sold Longworth's Winehouse of Cincinnati ten thousand gallons of wine. Made from his Bracken County vineyard.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about the origins of the Monte Casino Chapel and interviews Jim Cleeves about the history of the chapel and its connection to wine-making.

Keywords: Small chapels; Small churches; Wine-making

Subjects: Chapels; Monte Casino Chapel.; Vineyards.; Wine.

00:16:41 - A disease killing dogwood trees

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Partial Transcript: I'm planting dogwood trees on my place. I intend to continue planting dogwood trees at my place. And I'm going to continue to enjoy dogwood trees, I believe, for the rest of my days.

Segment Synopsis: Horticulturalist Mark Timmons talks about a disease that is killing wild dogwood trees in Kentucky.

Keywords: Dogwood trees

Subjects: Dogwoods.; Plant diseases.

00:19:22 - Skunks in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: It's not as associated with the arrival of spring as is the dogwood bloom, but there's another sure sign of the changing season in Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Wildlife biologist Tom Edwards talks about skunks in Kentucky and what times of year they are most common.

Keywords: Skunk breeding season; Skunk populations

Subjects: Skunks

00:22:46 - The return of the river otter to Kentucky / Animal trapping

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Partial Transcript: Now, a few minutes of serious pondering with Tom Edwards. Tom is the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife's biologist specializing in the fur-bearing animals.

Segment Synopsis: Edwards talks about the population of river otters and animal trapping in Kentucky. He talks about the decline in the demand for fur that has led to the decline in trapping.

Keywords: Furs; Pelts; Traps

Subjects: Animal traps; Otters; Trapping.

00:28:17 - A letter to the Secretary of Agriculture

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Partial Transcript: Okay, let's get a smile back on our faces. Here's a piece somebody sent me not long ago, and I don't know if I laughed until it hurt, or because it hurt.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin reads a comical letter sent to the Secretary of Agriculture about raising hogs.

Keywords: Raising hogs

Subjects: Humor.; Swine.

00:30:41 - The Fiddlers of the Bluegrass Club

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Partial Transcript: And then the square dancing and stuff is sort of like a traditional in, in Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin attends a meeting of the Fiddlers of the Bluegrass Club at the Glen Willis House in Frankfort, Kentucky and interviews Henry Thurman and Lucian Parker about the club. Thurman performs a song on his fiddle.

Keywords: Fiddle music; Fiddle playing; Fiddles; Traditions

Subjects: Fiddle tunes.; Fiddlers; Musicians

00:40:52 - A collection of gas engines

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Partial Transcript: If something sounds like an old washing machine, just exactly what does it sound like? Well it may be something like this.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin interviews Lloyd Wheeler, a member of the Kentuckiana Outdoor Power Association, about his collection of gas engines. Bastin also speaks with Jim Rice about his 1915 steam engine.

Keywords: Engines; Gas engines; Gasoline engines

Subjects: Internal combustion engines.; Small gasoline engines; Steam-engines.

00:49:25 - The Dubois-Robertson drugstore

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Partial Transcript: They didn't sell paint, nor greeting cards, nor most of the other stuff you'll find in today's drugstore. But, you could get a baby bottle which supposedly would prevent colic.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits the Market House Museum in Paducah, Kentucky which contains the Dubois-Robertson drugstore from 1876. Charles Manchester talks about the drugstore and some of the items found inside.

Keywords: Museums; Prescription drugs

Subjects: Drugs; Drugstores; Historic preservation--Kentucky; Paducah (Ky.)

00:57:04 - The song "Kentucky" by Henry Prichard

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Partial Transcript: We close this issue with another song about Kentucky. One from 1945. However, you may say to yourself, "Didn't I just hear that not long ago?"

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about and plays the song "Kentucky" by Henry Prichard. He concludes the issue with some additional information.

Keywords: Henry Prichard; Kentucky (Song)

Subjects: Kentucky.; Old-time music.; Songs.

01:02:43 - Grass seed and yard care

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Partial Transcript: [Beep] "Anything that Grows" with horticulturist Mark Timmons. I'm Glen Bastin. Earlier on today you were uh saying your prayers and I know my neighbor, uh, Frank was saying his because of the rain.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin speaks with Mark Timmons about grass seed and taking care of lawns.

Keywords: Lawn care

Subjects: Grasses--Seeds