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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: My name is Trudi-Ann Lawrence. Today is August 26th.

Segment Synopsis: An introduction to the interview with Cheryl Mara.

00:00:05 - Brief biography

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Partial Transcript: Can you state your name?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes the school system in her neighborhood. She also talks about her community and her involvement.

Keywords: After the storm; Area; Beach; Bedrooms; Community; Cost; Daughters; Dining room; Economic; Ethnicity; Family; Home; House; Income; Job; Kids; Lived; Lost; Moved; Neighborhood; New Jersey; Occupation; Organization; Rooms; Salary; School; Seasons; Storm; Town; Volunteer

GPS: Wall Township, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.158617, -74.067276
00:03:31 - First word of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so when did you first hear the storm was coming?

Segment Synopsis: Mara talks about how she thought the storm was made out to be more than it was when she first heard the warnings. This lead her to stay in her house when everyone was supposed to evacuate.

Keywords: Area; Attics; Batteries; Evacuate; First thoughts; Food; Garage; Hit; Home; House; Kids; Neighbors; Prepare; Property; Stores; Storm; Supplies; Target; Water; Window; Working

00:05:49 - Warning of the storm / day of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Do you think that there was adequate warnings?

Segment Synopsis: Mara talks about how sometimes warnings are not taken seriously. She also describes how she was evacuated from her house via boat which came right into her home.

Keywords: Adequate warning; Attics; Boats; Cats; Cell phones; Conditions; Daughters; Dogs; Doors; Evacuate; Facebook; Help; House; Keyport; Lights; Lost; Morning; Neighbors; Night; Power; Storm; Street; TV; Union Beach; Water; Weather; Work; Working

00:09:20 - First call

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Partial Transcript: Who did you call?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes how quickly the water was rising the day of the storm and how the police department rescued her and her family in boats. She also discusses how she managed to go to her neighbor's in-law's house after leaving hers.

Keywords: Attics; Before the storm; Boats; Car; Cars; Damage; Daughters; Doors; First person called; Floors; Help; Hit; House; Neighbors; Ocean; Police station; Roof; Rooms; Safe; Shock; Shore; Sleep; Town; Wall; Water

00:12:56 - Mood of the community after the storm

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Partial Transcript: Okay. So, can you describe the scene of the--the scene--(coughs)--the mood of the community?

Segment Synopsis: Mara talks about returning to her home and how most of the community lost a great deal of their property and belongings. She also discloses that she did not lose cell phone reception nor did she leave her house for a long period of time.

Keywords: Cars; Cell phones; Community; Daughters; Electricity; Floors; Heat; Home; House; Insurance; Lights; Lost; Money; Mood; Ocean; Outside; Power; Power lines; Roof; Scene; Storm; Tree; Verizon; Water; Yard

00:16:57 - Help from FEMA and insurance companies

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Partial Transcript: So, how did you eat and stuff?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes how she got help from FEMA and her insurance company. She also talks about having her family over for Thanksgiving and how everybody seemed to be just chugging along with the recovery after the storm.

Keywords: Area; Before the storm; Borough Hall; Brother; FEMA; Gas; Gas lines; Gas stations; Generators; House; Insurance companies; Job; Keansburg; Kids; Money; Neighbors; Phones; Stores; Supplies; Target; Thanksgiving; Trash

GPS: Borough Hall (Union Beach, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.441150, -74.179597
00:20:46 - Coping

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Partial Transcript: Right. How did you cope?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes the emotions that she and her family experienced after the storm. She also describes the anger that the people of the community are still experiencing because of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought upon them.

Keywords: Angry; Basement; Borough Hall; Clean; Community; Construction; Cope; Coping; County; Doors; Electricity; Family; Floors; Friends; Garage; Gas; Home; Houses; Insurance companies; Kids; Lost; Money; Moved; Papers; Rebuild; Schools; Services; Shock; Stores; Storm; Water

GPS: Borough Hall (Union, Nj.)
Map Coordinates: 40.441150, -74.179597
00:26:54 - Aid from police, firehouse, and first aid

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Partial Transcript: How was the response of the police during the time?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes the help she received from the police, fire, and first aid. She also discusses how people were looting empty and destroyed houses affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Keywords: Daughters; Dogs; Donated; Fire; Firehouse; First aid; Floors; Hazlet; Help; Home; House; Keyport; National Guard; Night; Ocean; Police; Safe; Town; Union Beach; Volunteers

00:29:10 - Government aid

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me about the aid that you received on both the governmental and the community level?

Segment Synopsis: Mara discusses the aid she received from community groups and churches. She talks about trying not to take many resources in order to allow those who were more affected to take more. She says she did not qualify for government aid from FEMA.

Keywords: Aid; Area; Blankets; Carter Project; Church; Community; Contributors; Country; Destroyed; Doors; FEMA; Food; Fortunate; Garbage; Government aid; Help; Helped; Home Depot; House; Houses; Insurance; Neighbors; Organization; School; Storm; Trinity Church; Volunteer; Work

00:33:19 - New Jersey's preparedness before the storm

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Partial Transcript: --(coughs)--So, how do you feel about, overall, all the aid that you did receive?

Segment Synopsis: Mara discusses how grateful she is for the aid she has received after the storm. She also believes that the town could have done more to prevent so much damage if they had the money for it.

Keywords: Aid; Churches; Community; Destroyed; Dunes; FEMA; Facebook; Help; Home; House; Money; Neighbors; News; Phone; Power; Prepared adequately; Radio; Storm; TV; Taxes; Town; Water; Working

00:36:34 - Prevention methods

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything that they could have done differently?

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes ways in which such disasters could be avoided. She also tells that she plans to prep her house for a storm of this nature after she gets it back to a livable condition.

Keywords: Area; Beach; Beachfront; Changed; Cost; Freak occurrence; House; Media; Money; Mother Nature; News; Preparation; Sleep; Storm; Town; Water; Work

00:39:28 - Media portrayal

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Partial Transcript: That's my next question.

Segment Synopsis: Mara believes that the media portrayal was not realistic and not true to what was really going on. She also discusses the fact that she would like clearer warnings from meteorologists when storms like Sandy are approaching.

Keywords: After the storm; Facebook; Fireman; Floors; Home; House; Hurricane Sandy; Lost; Media; News; Phone; Roof; Sandy; Sensationalized; Stories; Storm; TV; Union Beach; Water

GPS: Union Beach, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.446599, -74.177680
00:42:13 - Appearance of the president and governor / response from the rest of the country / environmental views

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Partial Transcript: What do you think about Obama and Christie making their appearance in the town?

Segment Synopsis: Mara discloses her thoughts on both President Obama and Governor Christie's appearance after the storm. She also describes how amazing it was to have the country and even places overseas being so supportive in this tough time.

Keywords: After the storm; Appearance; Barack Obama; Before the storm; Building; Changed; Chris Christie; Christie; Climate; Community; Country; County; Environment; Experience; Facebook; Future; House; Hurricane Katrina; Involved; Job; Katrina; Moved; Obama; Phone; Prepared; Protected; Rebuild; Response; Support; Tornado; Town; Union Beach; Working

GPS: Union Beach, Nj.
Map Coordinates: 40.446599, -74.177680
00:46:15 - New normal

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Partial Transcript: The question states, "Have things returned to normal?"

Segment Synopsis: Mara describes how her home is now completely different because of the storm. She also tells that she is still in the process of rebuilding her home without a contractor.

Keywords: Basement; Brother; Changed; Contractors; Daily life; Electricity; Expense; Gas; Help; Home; House; Hurricane Irene; Irene; Money; New normal; Normal; Rebuild; Storm; Street; Wall; Water; Work

00:49:24 - Outlook on the community

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Can you tell me about the changes on the outlook of the community, that you have?

Segment Synopsis: Mara discusses that she believes people are innately good and want to help. She also discusses her community coming together more as a result of the disaster.

Keywords: Changed; Come together; Community; Country; Disaster; Donated; Family; Help; Home; Hope; Houses; Money; Mortgage; Neighbors; Normalcy; Organization; Plans; Renting; Response; Stories; Working; World

00:52:01 - Impact of the storm on the elections / word of advice for Moore, Oklahoma / legacy of the storm

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Partial Transcript: Okay. Do you think that the storm impacted the presidential election in any way?

Segment Synopsis: Even though she felt the presidential campaign wouldn't be affected, Mara felt that the gubernatorial election was affected by the storm. Mara talks about what she believes to be important for those suffering through a disaster. Mara discusses the importance of getting to know those around you and keeping them close.

Keywords: Barack Obama; Chris Christie; Community; Daily life; Devastation; Election; Family; Friends; Governor; Governor Christie; Impacting; Involved; Legacy; Lost; Media; Message; Moore, Oklahoma; Neighborhood; Neighbors; Prepare; President Obama; Presidential campaign; Stories; Storm; Support